Spring Cleaning – 10 tips for an environmentally-friendly refresh

An image of an assortment of spring-themed items

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to not only refresh your living space. Here are 10 tips for environmentally-friendly cleaning during this year’s spring clean.

  1. Choose environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as vinegar, rubbing alcohol, bicarb soda, and citrus fruits that are biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals.
  2. Before tossing out unwanted items, consider whether they can be reused, given away, repurposed or sold. Host a garage sale to sell some of your unwanted items, register your garage sale event and we will advertise it for you.
  3. Ditch disposable paper towels in favour of reusable cloths which are highly effective at trapping dirt and require fewer cleaning products, thus reducing waste and environmental impact.
  4. When cleaning, be mindful of water usage. Turn off the tap when not in use and consider using a bucket instead of running water for tasks like mopping or outdoor cleaning.
  5. Avoid synthetic air fresheners that release harmful chemicals into the air. Instead, use natural alternatives like fresh flowers, essential oils, or DIY potpourri made from dried fruit peels and spices.
  6. Reduce the clutter and sign up to paperless bills and receipts or put up a ‘no advertising material’ stickers on your letter box.
  7. Get creative and breathe new life into old furniture pieces. Upcycling not only reduces waste but also gives your home a unique and personalised touch.
  8. During cleaning, turn off lights and appliances when not in use and open windows to let in natural light and fresh air instead of relying on electricity.
  9. Dispose of hazardous waste properly. Materials like paint, batteries, or electronics, should not be placed in your bins. You can dispose of these items responsibly for free at the Community Recycling Centre in Artarmon. Batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs can also be taken to Problem Waste Stations across the LGA.
  10. Spring is the perfect time to start a compost bin – composting or worm farming with kitchen scraps and yard waste helps reduce landfill waste and creates nutrient-rich soil for gardening. Click here to learn more about how to start and maintain your compost bin or worm farm.

Remember small changes can lead to significant results when it comes to making a positive impact on the environment and preserving our planet for future generations. Let’s work together for a greener and cleaner community!

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