Statement in response to ASIO Director-General’s threat assessment

Department of Home Affairs

The safety of the community is the first priority of our government.

We work very closely with our intelligence agencies to track and respond to emerging threats to life and to our way of life.

Our government has taken a proactive approach to countering foreign interference, including working to disrupt these efforts, building resilience in our communities and calling out foreign governments for their attempts to influence, harass and intimidate Australians. We will continue to do so where it is appropriate.

As the Director General has made clear, even though it is not the primary threat, we never can, or will, take our eye off the threat of terrorism in our country.

We are absolutely committed to ensuring that our agencies have the resources and support that they need to do the difficult work of keeping our country safe.

I note the Director General’s repeated warnings about the potential for foreign wars to spill over into violence here at home. It is a responsibility of all public figures to ensure that their words and actions do not compromise our social cohesion or increase the possibility of violence in our country.

The Director General also stressed that while the government has primary responsibility for community safety, it is also a shared responsibility and there are actions that every Australian can take to make themselves a harder target, protect themselves and their community.

You can report cybercrime through the Australian Cyber Security Hotline on 1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371) or report directly to the
Australian Signals Directorate.

Reports of foreign interference activity or terrorism can be made to the National Security Hotline

on 1800 1234 00 (From outside Australia: (+61) 1300 1234 01);

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