Step by step guide tp virtual garage sale

Worried about COVID-19, here’s a step by step guide to having a virtual garage sale by livestreaming your sale on Facebook or Instagram.

Step 1

Work out what you are going to sell over the Garage Sale Trail weekend. Think items that have a value and are easily shippable. Quality clothes and accessories work well.

Step 2

register your virtual garage sale so people can find your sale on the Garage Sale Trail weekend and know when it’s on. Once registered you’ll also get handy how tos and promotional materials to step you through our top tips for a successful virtual sale.

Hot tip: Make sure the Instagram profile or Facebook live post that is connected to your Garage Sale Trail event is set to public so you reach more shoppers on the Trail over the weekend.

Step 3

Prep the items you are going to sell. Give them a clean and work out the price you are selling them for. Think about how you’ll accept payment. This is totally up to you but most people choose PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Step 4

Promote your sale to your friends and family and on social media. You can use the materials we give you when you register to make it super easy.

Step 5

Go live, get selling and be part of a world first weekend of virtual garage sales.

For more tips inspiration check out one the awesome vids from Hawkeye Vintage to see how it’s done.

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