Superloop leverages HPE OEM Partnership to launch latest cybersecurity innovation to protect

Superloop’s CyberHound Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution for K12 schools is extended with its next generation Intrusion Prevention System integrated with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager for seamless network protection, extending the partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Superloop’s security division, the leading innovator of sophisticated K12 learning enablement and cybersecurity solutions, collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to build its solutions on HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers and extend its cybersecurity features with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager for schools to seamlessly secure their networks from threat vectors rapidly increasing from BYO Devices and malicious threats.

By collaborating with HPE and its OEM program, security innovator Superloop delivers a high performance and scalable CyberHound cybersecurity appliance to K12 schools. Using the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers, the solution automatically detects and disables threats via integration with ClearPass Policy Manager, and utilizes signature-based rules to identify potentially unsafe student activity, while ensuring unimpeded and optimized access to valuable online learning tools and resources to enhance educational opportunities.

Superloop’s latest innovation includes an upgrade of its CyberHound IPS/IDS engine with hyperscale architecture designed for high throughput school networks of the future. The new services include online and offline threat detection and protection, including Zero Day threat identification using anomaly and signature-based rules. Integration with ClearPass Policy Manager helps security teams respond to attacks before they do damage.

The Aruba 360 Security Exchange Program which is part of the HPE OEM program, is an open, multi-vendor framework that enabled Superloop to integrate its latest CyberHound IPS technology with ClearPass Policy Manager by Aruba, an HPE company, to reduce security risk for schools with numerous personal and BYO devices on their networks. By integrating its security software with ClearPass Policy Manager, the CyberHound technology can automatically signal ClearPass to initiate a range of responses from re-authentication to bandwidth reduction to quarantining an infected device the instant it’s detected and prevent the spread of malware across the network.

Superloop’s K12 CyberHound UTM offers many benefits for schools:

-Simplicity: The most extensive suite of cybersecurity, internet management and optimization, filtering and behavioral analytics are presented in a simple to use service with a single pane of glass for management and reporting.

-Unique K12 features: Value-add tools to help protect students, detect behavioral risks and enhance teaching efficiency in class are just some of the unique K12 features that sets the CyberHound service apart from other services.

-Reliability: Schools require 100% uptime from all critical infrastructure and services and the CyberHound service and HPE platforms have been designed with this goal, backed up by the best service available.

-Scalability: As Internet capacity increases along with schools’ use of online and cloud-based services, the CyberHound platform, built on ProLiant Gen10 servers, keeps pace for years to come.

-Superior Performance: The combination of Superloop’s optimised CyberHound software platform coupled with HPE ProLiant Gen10 Intel-based servers ensures the platform is an enabler of learning and collaboration.

-Ultimate Security: The CyberHound’s Advanced Threat Protection services, combined with HPE’s silicon-based ‘Root of Trust’ technology, is designed to protect the network and infrastructure from all threats with zero compromise in design.

-Enterprise Service: Superloop’s managed security services coupled with HPE’s Global 247 support with onsite service provide the ultimate reassurance.

Innovation: Ongoing research and product innovation specific for schools ensures the platform and service provides ongoing and enhanced value for years to come.

Supporting Quotes

John Fison, CEO of Superloop’s security division, CyberHound, remarks, “Being able to order standard server configurations globally through the HPE OEM program gives us a massive advantage. It helps us ensure we can deliver a high performance and scalable appliance platform and deliver a consistent experience for our customers with solutions that just work out of the box. This is backed up By HPE’s 24×7 on-site Pointnext service. This means our global customers can implement our solution quickly and reliably with the peace of mind that comes from HPE’s services and Superloop’s managed service.”

Fison added, “Schools today are facing growing threats – and not just from the rapidly accelerating complexity of protecting external malicious attacks, but also from the threat within. In most cases these internal threats are not malicious but with growing BYO Devices on every school’s network, reliable detection and automated, immediate action is the only proven strategy to protect a network’s integrity. Our cybersecurity suite protects the complete attack surface with the latest threat prevention, detection and automated response capabilities. Our Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager integration provides the ultimate protection and peace of mind for school network administrators and security professionals, offering a security platform that provides best-in-class prevention, and augments and enables them to get ahead of attackers.”

“The HPE OEM program, along with tailored service support from HPE Pointnext, delivers flexible and reliable enterprise solutions, allowing partners to address various technologies across vertical markets such as K-12 schools with unique organizational needs,” said Phillip Cutrone, vice president and general manager, Worldwide OEM Business at HPE. “With Superloop’s CyberHound’s security solution, built on high-performing and secure HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers and integrated with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager for enhanced network protection, K-12 schools are gaining robust and reliable cybersecurity capabilities that are easy to manage, to improve safety for both students and faculty.”

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