Survey finds Willoughby residents among happiest in Sydney

Willoughby City

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Willoughby City residents are among the happiest in Sydney with 97 per cent of the community enjoying a good or excellent quality of life, well above the wider Sydney metropolitan benchmark of 92 per cent.

This is one of the key findings from the Micromex Research 2021 Community Wellbeing Survey which surveyed 671 households and ranked results against current data from 60 LGAs. In spite of the Covid pandemic, Willoughby achieved an overall quality of life score of 5.12 (out of 6.0) against a Sydney metro benchmark score of 4.90.

The survey found Willoughby residents rated safety, access to parks and open spaces and standard of living as key strengths of the local community.

More than 92 per cent of surveyed residents reported they would be likely or very likely to recommend Willoughby as a place to live.

Other findings point to Willoughby being a city that is diverse, accepting of different cultures, safe and prosperous.

For example, 91 per cent of residents agreed it was a good thing for society to be made up of people from different cultures, 95 per cent of residents felt safe in public areas and 92 per cent are satisfied with their standard of living in the previous 12 months.

The Covid pandemic had an impact on resident’s mental health, personal wellbeing and involvement in social groups. Whilst it has generally been a difficult time for the community, residents reported confidence in adapting to change.

Willoughby City Mayor Tanya Taylor said the survey affirmed the community priorities.

“The community’s vision is for a city that is diverse, liveable, resilient and prosperous.”

“This survey clearly shows residents embrace cultural diversity in our community, value resilience and appreciate the many green spaces in Willoughby that support a healthy lifestyle.”

To read the full results of the 2021 Community Wellbeing Survey visit:

Photo caption: Willoughby City has been ranked as one of the happiest communities in Sydney.

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