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VMS switched on over holidays
Working together on World Fisheries Day
Covert technology deployed to combat illegal activity in Torres Strait
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Covert technology deployed to combat illegal activity in Torres Strait
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Applications for BSCZSF Management Advisory Committee Chair extended
Applications for BSCSZF Management Advisory Committee Chair extended
Changes to list of approved VMS units in Commonwealth fisheries
Chair sought for Management Advisory Committee – Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery
ETBF seabird mmitigation and reporting requirements
Australian fisheries stocks continue to be sustainably managed
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National Compliance and Enforcement Program 2020-21
Using Psychology and Marine Studies to manage fisheries
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Studying Environmental Science led to a career as a Fisheries Officer
Application period for Environment/Conservation Member for Management Advisory Committee extended
Information sharing with regional partners aims to reel in transnational crime syndicates
Tiger prawn time in Northern Prawn Fishery
Improved traceability in Bass Strait Central Zone Scallops Fishery
Environment/Conservation Member sought for Management Advisory Committee
$10 million levy life-line delivered to Commonwealth fishers
AFMA delivers compliance operations during pandemic
Inmarsat C Network Access Fee
Recreational Fishers to Continue to enjoy Southern Bluefin Tuna fishing
VMS helps track down fishers in Torres Strait
Plenty of locally caught fish available as Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery season starts
AFMA to refund Commonwealth fishing levy instalments and Torres Strait Prawn Fishery levy instalment
Government engaging with industry – we want to hear from you
70th AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s summary
Support your local commercial fisher this Easter
AFMA’s national compliance plan during COVID-19 pandemic
Next steps on Australian Fisheries Management Authority Levy relief
AFMA offering levy deferral to operators impacted by COVID-19
‘Get on board’ with Australia’s wild prawn fishers
69th AFMA Commission meeting – Chairman’s summary
2020 southern bluefin tuna joint patrol
Meet Observers – Sam
AFMA annual public meeting 2020
Joint operation with QLD Water Police in Torres Strait for start of Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery season
Swift convictions for two illegal fishing vessel masters