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Illegal Fishers In Hot Water After Their Day In Court
Fifteen Illegal Fishers Handed Hefty Fines
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One kilometre of ‘ghost net’ removed from Torres Strait
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Joint statement from the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and the Australian Border Force
Invitation to AFMA’s Annual Public Meeting Wednesday 8 March 2023
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Keep your VMS switched on throughout festive season
Senate committee recommends ACCC inquiry into fisheries and seafood market
Illegal fishers sentenced in Darwin
Improving discard reporting 28 November
Fish stocks stable and steady
ABA – AFMA Commence discussions on potential collaboration
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Bycatch handling – know your responsibilities
Indonesia and Australia conclude joint maritime operation
Putting pressure on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
AFMA E-monitoring Standards Based Program
Public call for research proposals for potential AFMA funding in 2023/24
Fisheries managers ignoring stock data for long-lived orange roughy
83rd AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
84th AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
81st AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
82nd AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
79th AFMA Commission Meeting – Chairman’s Summary
80th AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
AFMA seeks consultant to review consultative arrangements
AFMA seeks regulatory consultative arrangements consultant
Orange roughy research shows long lived fish must be left to recover
What is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing?
Aussie seafood on your Easter menu is great choice for you and our seafood industry
AFMA’s Sea Rider provides expertise on Pacific fisheries and regional legal frameworks
2022 banana prawn pre-season briefings
Members sought for various AFMA Resource Assessment Groups
Putting freeze on IUU fishing
Invitation to AFMA’s Annual Public Meeting Tuesday 15 March 2022
Sharing information online to safeguard fish resources
ETBF seabird mitigation and reporting requirements 2022
Deep diving into managing one of our greatest resources!
Commission for Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna – Executive Secretary position
Tonnes of deadly marine debris removed from Australia’s northern waters
Applications for management advisory committee members close 10 Feb