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International passenger flight cuts cause drastic impacts for air freight
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Victorian business needs extra support from State Government now
Queensland business needs extra support from State Government now
Heightened economic uncertainty requires a new approach in this year’s Annual Wage Review
Contingency Fee Bill must not be rushed through Victorian Parliament given strong concerns expressed by Law Council of Australia
New FWC Expert Panel appointments welcomed
Stimulus will lift spending and investment and reduce threat of job losses and business closures
Ai Group comment on ACTU “special leave” proposal
No ‘one size fits all’ response to COVID-19
Australian PBI: Business conditions falter in February
Industry welcomes release of recommendations of National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces
Commonwealth Parliamentary inquiry is yet another reason why Victoria should not go it alone on contingency fees
Australian PCI: Construction decline eases in February
RBA rates cut needs to be reinforced by action to boost investment now and for long-term
Federal Budget plan to support recycling welcome
New annualised salary clauses come into effect
Australian PMI: Drought, bushfires and coronavirus compound manufacturing slowdown
Victorian Upper House urged to reject Vic class action ‘honeypot’ Bill
Costs will increase with higher landfill levies in Victoria
Redesigning vocational education qualifications framework
Ai Group welcomes VIC Government funding to support industry in new waste program
Balanced approach to Victorian gas is needed
Ai Group welcomes Vic Government’s change to waste industry
Labor emissions target announcement – Ai Group comment
Criminal penalties for underpayments are not in anyone’s interests
Holden: a lost icon in an industry that remains vibrant
Ai Group statement on shipbuilding
Employees losers in overblown underpayments campaign
Independent bill an important contribution to climate policy debate
Ai Group congratulates Keith Pitt on his appointment as Resources Minister
New business performance index highlights summer slump
Australian PCI: Construction downturn eases in January as house building activity improves