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[UNDER EMBARGO] Cardiovascular disease affects half a million Aussie women
Prevention critical to reducing chronic disease burden
Musculoskeletal conditions now most costly disease group in Australia
Healthier population eases Australia’s disease burden
Oral semaglutide demonstrated cardiovascular safety in people with type 2 diabetes and established cardiovascular disease or high cardiovascular risk
Men’s Health Week 2019
‘Night owls’ can retrain body clock to improve health and performance
Study finds fruit juices may be as bad for peoples’ health as soft drinks
More than 1 million new curable sexually transmitted infections every day
Nano ‘junk’ could save lives
Seven key health measures may help predict future risk of heart disease
Heartburn drugs linked to fatal heart and kidney disease, stomach cancer
Combining LDL cholesterol lowering drugs found effective
Gold Coast company launches new product in fight against heart disease
Help us spread word about life-saving Heart Health Checks
EPA calls for community input into national ambient air quality standards
Australian cardiologists won’t miss a beat with new heart technology
Trial of Year winners announced
Growth in life expectancy in Australia slows, research finds
Baylor recognizes research excellence with DeBakey Awards
Merck Data at ASCO 2019 Showcase Multiple Innovative Molecules with Potential to Impact
Blood flow command centre discovered in brain
Esteemed Melbourne researcher wins stroke award
A cup of Joe and you’re good to go (Under 6 a day and you’re A-OK)
Australia bucks global trend; city dwellers getting fatter faster
Sugary drinks link to blood vessel damage and heart disease
Beetroot juice a bloody good boost for arteries
Researchers uncover mechanism blocking retina regeneration
ACT to become a world-leader in preventing heart disease
KPS Capital Partners To Acquire Brunswick Corporation’s Fitness Business
Australia and China pool research strengths in point-of-care diagnostics
ANU research to help prevent heart attacks and strokes
Halt Salt: Australia’s first salt reduction guide for food manufacturers launched
Heart Foundation welcomes Opposition putting prevention first
Culture must be at heart of hospital care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
Fat cell discovery could help combat obesity-related health issues
Heart study takes on on breast cancer’s double jeopardy
Protein found to improve prediction of cardiovascular disease
Almost 13 million Aussies risk heart disease: new data
Evenings with Genetics event focuses on Williams syndrome
Indulging at Easter without guilt
Health system needs climate-change proofing
UQ rocketeers rocketing ahead
Mallinckrodt’s INOmax Gas, for Inhalation
Genetic Risk for Cardiovascular Health is Not Necessarily Linked to Exceptional Longevity
Some positive announcements for chronic disease
Lipidome Study Shows Link to Longer Lifespan
Memorial for hearts lost to heart disease