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Short-term thinking, criminal action
Actinogen CMO presents academic poster to Alzheimer’s Association International Conference
Five steps to a world of intelligent life
All animal intelligence was shaped by just 5 leaps in brain evolution
University spinout signs agreement on Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
Slow Walking Could Be Sign of Dementia in Older Dogs
Western Sydney University researchers announced as semi-finalists in globally prestigious Longitude Prize on Dementia
Demystifying entrepreneurial mindset
Scientists discover spiral-shaped signals that organise brain activity
‘Smart drugs’ make you worse at solving complex problems, new study finds
Medicinal cannabis is a ‘life-changing treatment’ for people with Tourette syndrome
When pigeons dream
Major new research claims smaller-brained _Homo naledi_ made rock art and buried the dead. But the evidence is lacking
Diet cycling impacts spatial memory: rat study
GlyNAC supplementation improves cognitive decline and brain health in aging
Passing the sniff test: Can we train our brain to boost smell and memory?
Cybersickness more likely to affect women, ongoing research to understand why
Concussion prevention front of mind for Griffith researchers
Good sleep is key to pre-teen mental health
Ear-resistible: why there are some songs we simply can’t get out of our head
Has GPT-4 really passed the startling threshold of human-level artificial intelligence? Well, it depends
How Dogs are Used Impacts How They Are Treated
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World first: risk of dementia linked to high cholesterol
Pandemic stress had a greater impact on those who were pregnant, study finds
Impact of dementia on rise among older Australians
Charting course in brainy frontier
New bird brain study shows evolving a big brain depends on having ‘good’ parents
Apathy May Predict Progression to Dementia
Online interaction is impacting the mood and cognitive function of young people
Why faces might not be as attention-grabbing as we think
Training your heart: World-first study on role of exercise for congenital heart disease
Social media and eating disorders: dangerous two-way street
Immune cells help protect brain health and cognition
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