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‘Cancer-cooling’ protein puts bowel cancer on ice 
Aussie musician Jack River and ACF launch new song on nature in distress
Banksias are iconic Australian plants, but their ancestors actually came from North Africa
Compassion for our neighbours is in our DNA as Australians
Researchers observe what ubiquitination hinges on
With deep roots and expanding collection, herbarium offers window into plant history
Networkers in cramped conditions
Gene expression atlas captures where ovulation can go awry
BHP Xplor announces second program helping to accelerate critical resources exploration
Pressure on aquaculture to grow
Apprenticeships and traineeships decline amid toxic TasTAFE workplace culture 19 January 2024
Japan is about to land its first lunar probe. As more nations race to the Moon, how will we keep the peace?
Chilled out tadpoles defy climate odds
Five Ludwig Cancer Research scientists named Fellows of the American Association for Cancer Research
Revolutionizing Drug Development: Novigenix Unveils AI-Powered RNA Analysis for Immune Response Profiling
Protecting high value water sources in central Queensland
Police charge man over 2012 commercial burglary in Morley
Team Explores Role of Stimulator of Interferon Genes in Body’s Innate Immune System
Police charge man over 2014 Jurien Bay sexual assault
Aging Mouse Sperm Affects MicroRNA, Increasing the Risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Less than 10% of Australian scorpions are known to science. We’ve added two new species to the list
Key to young onset bowel cancer may be gut bacteria
Cracking the code: How what you eat might affect your cancer risk
2024 Max Day Awards: restoring ecosystem engineers and protecting marine environments from microplastics
Viruses aren’t always harmful. 6 ways they’re used in health care and pest control
Team Tokyo Tech wins Bronze Project Award at BIOMOD 2023
The strange story of the grave of Copernicus
3D organization of DNA controls cell identity programs
AFP Family Investigative Liaison Officers deliver critical support in 2023
Stem cell Noah’s Ark
Octopus DNA contains warning on global warming
Octopus DNA contains grave warning for sea level rise
What octopus DNA tells us about Antarctic ice sheet collapse
Revealing close and distant relatives in ancient DNA with unprecedented precision
Moderation surpasses excess
WA resources sector drives record budget surplus despite approvals delays
Year of collective success: 2023 in review
Giant bacterium powers itself with unique processes
Giant bacterium uses unique processes to power itself
Western researchers receive more than $2 million in NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
UNSW attracts $41.6m in NHMRC Investigator Grants
UNSW researchers receive more than $20m in Ideas and Development Grants
UNSW attracts $41.6 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants
Bright ideas attract major funding
NHMRC funding to tackle increasing antimicrobial resistance
Chronic migraine research finds genetic mechanism to lower migraine frequency
Boosts for space-age Alzheimer’s test and new method to deliver gene therapy
Boost for life-changing medical research