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2023: outbreaks of avian influenza
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Hispanic health disparities in the US trace back to the Spanish Inquisition
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Giant new snake species identified in Amazon
After years of avoiding extradition, Julian Assange’s appeal is likely his last chance. Here’s how it might unfold (and how we got here)
Insight – Growing export opportunities for Australian barley to Latin America
Scientists shocked to discover new species of green anaconda, the world’s biggest snake
Attacks on United States Personnel in Middle East, Retaliatory Strikes Threaten to Worsen Regional Stability, Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council
Reasonable Grounds to Believe Sudanese, Opposition Forces Committing Atrocity Crimes in Darfur, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Tells Security Council
United Nations Not in Position to Verify Reports as Moscow, Kyiv Separately Investigate 24 January Russian Military Plane Crash, Political Chief Tells Security Council
Weapon Transfers Must Comport with International Law, Senior UN Official Tells Security Council, Urging Cooperation to Reduce Illicit Arms Flows
Briefing Security Council, Special Representative in Colombia Stresses Importance of Implementing Peace Agreement, Continuing Dialogue with Armed Actors
Transnational Organized Crime ‘a Vicious Threat’ to Sustainable Development, Rule of Law, Secretary-General Tells Security Council, Urging Unity Combating Menace
Press Conference by Security Council President on Programme of Work for December
COP28: Global agrifood systems are the climate solution, FAO Director-General tells world leaders
Question of Veto Central to General Assembly’s Debate on Security Council Reform, with Speakers Urging Its Limited Use as ‘Weapon of Hatred and War’
Underscoring Need for Peace and End to Suffering, Security Council Speakers Urge Russian Federation to Immediately Withdraw Troops from Ukraine
UNITAR hosts a gala concert entitled “Music from all corners of the world for peace and our planet” to conclude its 60th anniversary year
The Global Onchocerciasis Network for Elimination (GONE): working together to see onchocerciasis GONE
‘Unceasing Death, Destruction, Suffering’ of Russian Federation’s War on Ukraine Must End, Senior Humanitarian Affairs Official Tells Security Council
United Nations Refugee Chief, Briefing Security Council, Appeals for Ceasefire to Halt ‘Spiral of Death’ as Humanitarian Crisis Grips Gaza
As Regional Violence Spills over to Syria, Special Envoy, Briefing Security Council, Urges De-escalation, Refocus on Country’s Political Process
Joint Police and Customs investigation sees millions of dollars’ worth of drugs seized, four charged
Operation Blanco: Joint Police and Customs investigation sees millions of dollars’ worth of drugs seized, four charged
Security Council Fails to Adopt Either of Two Draft Resolutions Addressing Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
Security Council: Peace through Dialogue
Junior World Food Day: a diverse group of Food Heroes inspire young people to value water
6 weeks to COP28 – are we any closer to a successful conference?
AI Models Identify Biodiversity in Tropical Rainforests
World Food Forum: Strong momentum as Hand-in-Hand Investment Forum opens
With 4 Members in Favour, 5 Against, Security Council Rejects Russian Federation’s Resolution Calling for Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire in Israel-Palestine Crisis
Constructive Dialogue, Protection of Ex-Combatants, Vulnerable Groups Crucial to Solidify Peace in Colombia, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Briefing Security Council on Attacks against Ukrainian Village, City Centre, Senior Official Stresses Member States Must Show Commitment to UN Charter
Quadripartite launches the Working Group on Youth Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance
Security Council Authorizes Multinational Security Support Mission for Haiti for Initial Period of One Year, by Vote of 13 in Favour with 2 Abstentions
Conflicts, Disasters Driving More Migrants to Risk Mediterranean Crossing, Briefers Warn Security Council Ahead of Libya Mandate Decision
One Year On, Security Council Hears Renewed Calls to Determine the Cause of Undersea Explosions Targeting Nord Stream Gas Pipelines
UNITAR celebrates 60 years of enabling positive change