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UN experts: Relief agency UNRWA targeted politically over partiality claims, funding must resume
GAZA: Families fleeing Rafah say they are being ‘killed slowly’ as forced to move again
CFMEU calls on Chris Minns to reverse MP’s sacking
FEDERAL BUDGET: Australian Government must focus on local and global crises affecting children
CFMEU ACT urges ANU to abandon student encampment eviction plan
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Australian Prime Minister Radio interview – Triple J Hack
International aid continues to be one of the biggest losers in the Federal Budget with little response to growing gender inequality and…
Federal Budget delivers some comfort for families fleeing Gaza crisis
Australian federal budget falls flat in tackling inequality: Oxfam
UN experts: Repression of peaceful international solidarity demonstrations is against human rights
Attacks On Healthcare In War Must Not Become New Norm
Epidemic risk rising as Rafah invasion compounds lethal cocktail of over-crowding, sewage and hunger
Gaza: Critical aid supplies to keep children alive blocked as Israel takes over final land crossing – Save the Children
What is it about Gaza? Wars are raging around the world, so why are young people so passionate about this one?
UN General Assembly – Tenth Emergency Special Session: Illegal Israeli Actions In Occupied East Jerusalem and the Rest of the Occupied Palestinian…
UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session Explanation of Vote
Comment by UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk on Gaza crossings
UN expert alarmed by violent crackdown on peaceful student protests across US campuses
New Zealand supports UN Palestine resolution
Israel’s Rafah invasion must stop now, say UN experts
Threats against the ICC promote a culture of impunity, say UN experts: Israel/Gaza
After ‘transformational’ tenure, Pollack to retire June 30
ACFID statement on United Nations General assembly vote on Friday 10th May: Granting United Nations Member status to Palestine
Rafah residents call on the world to act
AI may be to blame for our failure to make contact with alien civilisations
Gaza: ICRC calls for protection of civilians while hoping for an agreement amidst evacuations, military operations and negotiations
Gaza: Military offensive on Rafah a ‘cruel and heart-breaking blow’
Ceasefire agreement needed now: Peters
ActionAid condemns forced evacuation of Rafah
Intensified military operations will bring increased death and despair for Rafah’s 700,000 women and girls
Oxfam Reaction To Rafah Evacuation Order
Impunity for attacks on medical facilities and health workers must end, says UN expert
UN experts: Onslaught of violence against women and children in Gaza unacceptable
Maternal health: Nearly one in five children born in 2024 will enter the world without medical care, putting them and mothers at risk
Gaza and the Pacific on the agenda with Germany
Rafah incursion would substantially increase mortality and morbidity and further weaken an already broken health system
A look inside the cyberwar between Israel and Hamas reveals the civilian toll
GAZA: Injured children struggling to recover amid decimated health system after witnessing horrific scenes
World Press Freedom Day 2024: Another Year Wasted
Gaza Education System Devastated by Recent Conflict, Satellite Assessment Reveals
UN Human Rights Chief troubled by law enforcement actions against protesters at universities: United States of America
Diplomacy needed more than ever
Australia exported $1.5 million worth of weapons to Israel in February 2024, fresh DFAT data shows
Labor facing heavy defeat in Queensland, but faring better in federal polls
UN expert: Testimonies from the Occupied Palestinian Territory show new depths of Israel’s atrocities
Withholding tax revenue and revoking banking waivers could paralyse Palestinian economy, UN experts warn: Israel