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Role of gut microbes in cancer therapy
How mum’s diet affects baby’s gut health: breastmilk research
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$1.8m for new Deakin mental health research for families
A drink each day or just on the weekends? Here’s why alcohol-free days are important
$1m supports immunology and microbiology researchers
Study links overuse of antibiotics with severe COVID-19 side effects
QUT awarded $3M to build Australia’s first comprehensive human microbiome biobank
Four new reports highlight importance of the microbiome for food safety, soils and nutrition
What’s link between diet and gut microbiome?
How Studying Poop May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations
Elizabeth Johnson wins inaugural Schwartz visionary grant
Humans have lost half primate ancestors’ gut bacteria
Diet cycling impacts spatial memory: rat study
Personalized Gut Microbiome Analysis for Colorectal Cancer Classification with Explainable AI
Bacterial toxin may trigger multiple sclerosis onset and relapse
Global interest in koala vaccine leads to funding
When it comes to food allergies, trust your gut
Simulation could help explain nutrients’ impact on gut
Board game confronts the ‘ickiness’ of gut health
Feeding apple waste to chickens may boost their health
Nanomaterial influences gut microbiome and immune system interactions
Peanuts and herbs and spices may positively impact gut microbiome
Comment from AGA: FDA actions on fecal microbiota therapy
Debunking autism myths rewarded with national prize
Why autistic children are more likely to have gut problems
What did pregnancy do to my gut? From nausea to constipation and farting
Baby’s jab responses linked to birth delivery method
Carnivore Gut Microbes Offer Insight Into Health of Wild Ecosystems
Chemists contributed to Nobel Prize-winning work
Going with your gut
Preserving ancient practice of fermentation
Brewing up new possibilities
Gut Microbiomes Help Bears With Very Different Diets Reach Same Size
Success for University of Otago, Christchurch, Researchers with CMRF Major Project Grant
Gut microbes and humans on joint evolutionary journey
Researchers look at whether probiotics can slow osteoporosis in early menopause
Sugar substitutes may be health risk
Study identifies gut bacteria that regulate cholesterol
Research Links Red Meat Intake, Gut Microbiome, and Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults
Gut molecules may affect fattiness of liver