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New playgroup program set to start popping-up near you
Covid vaccine safety report – 27-07-2023
New vaccines available
64 days of protected industrial action: Darebin City Council MCH health nurses to hold second stop work community rally
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland welcomes today’s announcement of free flu vaccination program for Queenslanders
Free Flu Jab for Every Queenslander 17 July
Message to pregnant women: it’s ‘not too late to vaccinate’
Childhood immunisation – One more way to keep them safe
District urging communities to get vaccinated against flu
New study finds gaps in maternal immunisation data sets
It’s not too late to vaccinate for pregnant women
National Immunisation Program changes from 1 July 2023
Covid vaccine safety report – 29-06-2023
New Te Whatu Ora Board Chair appointed
Darebin City Council MCH nurses’ stop work community rally over fair pay
Heard of ‘kindy flu’? There’s no such thing. But kids are at risk this flu season for one simple reason
Hospitals prepared to meet evolving COVID and influenza threat
Council adopts 2023-24 Budget to deliver community’s plan
Cr Geoff Lovett- Maryborough District Advertiser
Stay well this winter
Covid vaccine safety report – 15-06-2023
NSW urged to stay alert for meningococcal symptoms
Stefanovics help spread word about serious viral threat this winter
ATAGI advice on the preferential use of bivalent COVID-19 vaccines for primary vaccination of people aged 12 years or older
Covid vaccine safety report – 01-06-2023
2023 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines
Home Sweet Home: The Maternal and Child Health Centre has relocated
McGowan Government to extend free flu jabs for all West Australians
Public Health Alert: Territorians urged to vaccinate against flu
Free flu immunisation for children under five 25 May
Adult with meningococcal disease 24 May
Get Vaccinated To Stay Well This Winter
Covid vaccine weekly safety report – 18-05-2023
Cr Liesbeth Long – Welcome Record 17 May
The power of peer-to-peer communication in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout: study
Covid vaccine safety report – 04-05-23
Service goes mobile
Vaccinations Fall Behind After Pandemic Push
Fighting flu starts with you
Flu or COVID? You can now test for both at home with a single swab. Here’s what you need to know
When did you have your last tetanus vaccine? A booster dose may save your life
RACGP welcomes WA’s influenza vaccination drive
Free flu vaccinations this May for all Western Australians
Poliovirus wastewater testing established amid heightened global risk
Covid vaccine safety report – 20-04-23
New Covid and Influenza Immunisation History Statement
When did you have your last tetanus vaccine? A booster dose may save your life
Declining number of children being vaccinated against measles in Aotearoa