Latest Kazakhstan News

Middle class actually enables autocrats in post-Soviet countries
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and FAO approve COVID-19 technical support package
OECD Steel Committee gravely concerned about impact of COVID-19 crisis on steel market
Christie and University of Manchester commit to improving cancer outcomes in Kenya
Biosecurity measures reinforced for brown marmorated stink bug season 2020-21
Booming Resources Sector Provides Diverse Opportunities
Government policies providing more than USD 500 billion to farmers every year distort markets
NZ Ambassador to Chair WTO General Council
Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft
A new life for AMS
WHO Executive Board appoints directors for Africa and Europe
Cairns Group Farm Leaders urge resolution of WTO appellate body crisis and renewed ambition on agriculture negotiations ahead of MC…
NZ’s trade aims advanced at Davos meetings
Advancing New Zealand’s trade agenda focus of Europe meetings
Qantas centenary celebrations take off as direct LONDON-SYDNEY research flight lands
UOW to reduce salt intake in South Africa
Announcement of new Ambassador to Russia
Global trade, business promotion focus of Shanghai meetings
FAO and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation strengthen partnership on food security and sustainable
Saudi Arabia Announces Tourist Visa
Series of Cultural Activities Under “Culture of China, Charm of Jilin” Launched in Moscow
More women and children survive today than ever before – UN report
Ancient DNA study tracks formation of populations across Central Asia
Bendigo Ready To Rumble As Blockbuster Nears Sellout
XCMG Further Supports BRI Infrastructure Construction
Tax revenues in Asian and Pacific economies rebound
Risen Energy Harvested 2 New Projects from Belt and Road Country Markets
Entire sky in X-rays
International Seminar on Greening Africa’s Financial System Held in Morocco Co-hosted
Governments should renew efforts to reform support to agriculture
Australia appoints new ambassador to Russia
OECD strengthens co-operation with Morocco – Renews Morocco Country Programme Agreement
UnionPay mobile payments accepted at 3,000,000 merchant locations outside mainland China
Bendigo Ready To Rumble For Horn Mega Bout
New funding boosts efforts to combat deforestation, desertification
Origins of Cannabis Smoking: Marijuana Use in First Millennium BC
Online funding support for batyr youth mental health
Dramatic change in ancient pastoralist diets associated with expansion of political networks
Haval Ushers in New Era of Globalization with Production Launch of Haval F7 in Tula Factor
Global Challenges: Experts’ Assessment
Kazakhstan Unveils High-Potential Investment Opportunities at Astana Economic Forum
At Astana Economic Forum-2019 Forecasts Are Voiced Regarding Future of Mankind
Astana Economic Forum: “Inspiring growth: people, cities, economies”
Teenagers take top honours at Asian Physics Olympiad
International Day of Football and Friendship Celebrated in Schools Around World
Australia must urgently repatriate children of Australian foreign fighters as Save Children seeks clarity on government action
Drought a further ‘disruption’ to Australia’s wheat market share in South-East Asia