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Pilot plan to return international students
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Space weather discovery puts ‘habitable planets’ at risk
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Ensuring Sydney’s place as a global hub for quantum technology
Australian Hearing Hub Hosts Minister
Australian undersea naming success on global stage 2 December 2020
Webcast on digital mental health standards
$4 million for new COVID-19 research
Viertel Foundation Awards $4.09m to medical research
Appointments to Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court
Can Joe Biden win from home?
New Robot-Assisted Therapy Launches in Australia on World Stroke Day
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60-year-old limit to lasers overturned by quantum researchers
NSW SES takes out top honors at Resilient Australia Awards
Study shows teachers play an essential role in influencing children’s health
School temperature mapping provides first guidelines for cooler schools
Anti-inflammatory benefits from gut bacteria found in fish and humans
‘steering Healthy Minds’ mental health project launch for transport workers
Rise of online right-wing extremism mapped in landmark NSW study
Public Health Alert 8 October
A rapid review key to avert setbacks for STEM
Business innovation challenge sparks new collaboration
Sea lions of Kangaroo Island under threat
Research to power up Australian solar cells
Business innovation challenge sparks new collaboration
Supporting R&D to improve end-of-life issues for solar panels
Hey Google, it’s time you listened closely to what our kids are saying
Sydney Nano wins $2.5m federal funding for solar energy research
Hey Google, our kids have something important to say
Research boost for solar panel efficiency and cost reduction
Awards Recognise Athletes, Clubs and Codes for LGBTQ Inclusion
Eureka Prize a fertile environment for our researchers
Curt Zuber to retire, Joanne Dawson appointed to Group Treasurer role
Union: Macquarie Uni Course Cuts Will Cause Long-Term Damage
Macquarie university’s Master of business administration ranks in top 100 globally
Macquarie University and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children sign long-term partnership agreement
Before international travel resumes, airport asylum procedures should be fixed
Swinburne leads study investigating mental health impacts of COVID-19 in aged care
Celebrate Granny Smith Festival this October
New Mechanisms to Reduce Impact of Neuroinflammatory Diseases