Latest Madagascar News

G7: FAO puts forward proposals to address current and future food shortages
Global Report on Food Crises: acute food insecurity hits new highs
Executive Director meets with UN and Missions Officials
BlackEarth Minerals NL Drill Program at High Grade Razafy North West Area continues to extend graphite mineralisation along strike
Your morning coffee could hasten species’ extinction
Why your love of chocolate could be bittersweet
One Health is critical to addressing zoonotic public health threats and environmental issues
Most African countries have enough groundwater reserves to face
Australia’s sustainable transport future gets $7.9 million boost
Statement of Thirty-first Polio IHR Emergency Committee
UN Child Rights Committee issues findings on Madagascar and Netherlands
Support for Suriname’s pineapple sector: UN Joint SDG Fund approves 3ADI+ proposal
Committee on Rights of Child closes eighty-ninth session after adopting concluding observations on reports of Madagascar
Committee on Rights of Child Holds Thirteenth Informal Meeting with States
Commending efforts to digitise birth register in Madagascar, Experts of Committee on rights of child ask about child marriage
Blackearth signs offtake agreement to secure supply for expandable plant operations
Commending Family Reunification Policy in Kingdom of Netherlands, Experts of Committee on Rights of Child Ask about Statelessness
UN Child Rights Committee to review Madagascar and Netherlands
Year of record-breaking extreme weather
Rio Tinto QMM Launches Construction of Its Renewable Energy Project
FAO pledges upscaled support for better nutrition and healthy diets for all
Primates vs cobras: how our last common ancestor built venom resistance
FAO Food Price Index rises in November
Committee against Torture Discusses Follow-up to Concluding Observations, Follow-up to Individual Communications, and Reprisals
Statement of Thirtieth Polio IHR Emergency Committee
Seed library grows further across Newcastle
Prosperity – Changements de perspective dans le domaine du Commerce et la sécurité alimentaire
World Food Day: Nearly Half of All Stunted Children Live in Countries Most Vulnerable to Climate Change
Blackearth Minerals new high grade graphite at Razafy north west region delivers more outstanding results
Starvation and hunger-related deaths reality amid worsening food crises, says FAO
Countries commit to climate resilient, low carbon health systems ahead of COP26
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on Human Rights Situations that Require Council’s Attention
Committee on Rights of Child closes eghty-eighth session after adopting concluding observations on reports of Czech Republic
Global Environment Facility approves over $78 million to support FAO-led projects
FAO calls for stepping up forest and landscape restoration
Research explores strategies to improve nutrition in parts of Asia and Africa
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Mauritius
BEM Signs Binding Offtake MOU With Tier 1 Refractory Producer
New Guinea named world’s most plant-rich island
Appointment of experienced mining graphite executive
Satellite view opens to all
Iron study combats anaemia with cutting-edge computer simulation
Assié-Lumumba leads Institute for African Development
Thirty countries will benefit as Global Environment Facility funds FAO-led projects
Palaeontologists find full fossil skeleton of bizarre mammal known as ‘crazy beast from south’
Blackearth Minerals NL quarterly activities report
Odor experts uncover smelly chemistry of lemur love
Indigenous knowledge could reveal ways to weather climate change on islands