Latest marine conservation News

Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
New Federal laws banning plastic waste exports welcome but won’t save wildlife
Subsea 7 withdraws industrial oil and gas pipeline fabrication proposal from Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo
Global assessment of World Heritage sites raises concerns about Ningaloo
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Renewables focus in budget is a good start for our Reef
Land clearing rejection good news for our Reef and threatened marine wildlife
Community conservation reserves protect fish diversity in tropical rivers
Who’s stealing spanner crabs?
Elite scientists recognised
Conservationists welcome new Shark Observation Grants Program, as a path to realise end of shark nets
Marine conservationists call for better protection after sawfish found with rostrum hacked off
Failed court case leaves no one accountable for toxic mess in Harbour
Landmark Antarctic research plan for Australia and Switzerland
New science to improve Antarctic-wide protection
WA’s ban on plastic best in Australia say ocean conservationists
AMCS will push for Queensland government to protect our Reef and oceans
LNP’s $6m Reef tourism support pledge welcome – much more to do on climate, water quality
Reef Credit scheme a positive step forward on water quality
Conservationists urge KAP to back laws that protect Great Barrier Reef
Which party policies will give our Great Barrier Reef a fighting chance this election
Project grants set to help restore fisheries habitats
Declining sawfish species prioritised for conservation status escalation
Marine conservationists highlight concerns in fish stocks report
Conservation groups welcome Labor’s 10 year climate plan
Cost not a hurdle to modernising Queensland’s Shark Control Program
Senate Inquiry report confirms what we already know about our precious Reef
Marine conservationists welcome funding for Reef monitoring by tourism industry and call for greater action
New CDS scheme in WA will benefit marine wildlife
Queensland limits shark finning with new reforms
Queensland government moves on reforming unsustainable commercial fishing
Reef and regional jobs on agenda at local candidate forum
Chained dugong reveals cost of Queensland’s shark nets
Blue carbon focus for ocean-loving world champion
Seafood study highlights need for better labeling and tighter laws
Four dead dugongs in Queensland “tragic and highly suspicious”
Greens to protect Aotearoa’s oceans with marine sanctuaries, bottom trawling and set-netting restrictions
Researchers recognised at WA Young Tall Poppy Science Awards
SA’s historic plastic laws will save animal lives
Queensland Government’s failure to protect Reef from unsustainable fishing forces strong action from Federal
Palaszczuk’s renewable energy investment pledge is essential for our Reef
Marine conservationists seek clarification on LNP Reef water regs plans
Climate community ‘sound alarm’ on global warming
Conservationists warn UNESCO of ‘alarming’ move to weaken protection [for World Heritage sites]
Critical statement highlights archaic fishing practices endangering our Great Barrier Reef
Conservation groups question why deadly shark nets are returning to NSW beaches today not SMART drumlines
Territory coasts scoop pool this election
Marine conservationists push for Reef-safe recovery at community cabinet