Latest marine ecosystems News

Minister Plibersek handed 20,000 more reasons to cut plastic use
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$3 million funding commitment to improve the health of Queensland’s waterways
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Report provides insights into marine recovery
Great Barrier Reef water quality monitoring gets a funding boost
Gillnet-free zones put Gulf fisheries on track for more sustainable future
Offshore wind gathers momentum as feasibility licences awarded in Gippsland
Community hui to talk about kina barrens
Climate change reveals intricate dynamics of reproductive barriers in marine species
Report confirms Great Barrier Reef has suffered worst summer on record
Light pollution affects coastal ecosystems too – this underwater ‘canary’ is warning of the impacts
New Study To Combat Harm Caused By Anchoring
Political Action Only Saviour For Great Barrier Reef
Climate-change Driven Cold Snaps Threaten Marine Life
Proposed rejection of Toondah Harbour mega marina the right call
Ocean floor a ‘reservoir’ for plastic pollution, world-first study finds
These extraordinary Australian islands are teeming with life – and we must protect them before it’s too late
Australia must lead the world on nature restoration through ambitious interpretation of international law
Enhanced Protection For Marine Jewel Mudjimba Reef
ADF helps deter illegal fishing in collaboration with Vanuatu
Offshore bans welcomed – now time to ban gas on the Liverpool Plains
Seventh Great Barrier Reef mass bleaching a desperate warning to end fossil fuels
New mapping method developed for critical marine habitat
Study spotlights Arctic’s hidden primary production powerhouses
06.03.24 : Offshore wind decision shows federal government can balance climate action and nature protection
Ballast Water Pilot Achieves Promising Results
AIMS Helps Samoa Step Up Coral Reef Monitoring
Microplastics present in muscles, intestines of SEQ sharks
Helping New Caledonia’s coral reefs survive climate change
Leading environmental scientist takes reins
Floating algae raft for juvenile pelagic fish
Using photos to create 3D models is helping us understand – and protect – complex marine environments
RV Investigator’s longest voyage to try and solve the Southern Ocean puzzle
Steady hand appointed to the helm of the Australian Institute of Marine Science
FAO and Norway announce new phase of the EAF-Nansen Programme
Coral reefs in peril from record-breaking ocean heat
Tackling illegally imported seafood
Overfishing in the Mediterranean and Black Sea falls to lowest level in a decade
COP28: FAO underlines importance of working together with partners in Pakistan’s Living Indus Initiative
Improving marine science capability on the Great Barrier Reef
L’Oréal and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation kickstart a global coral reef restoration industry
Promoting sustainability this World Fisheries Day
Concern for the Great Barrier Reef can inspire climate action – but the way we talk about it matters
North Atlantic’s marine productivity may not be declining, according to new study of older ice cores