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High-sensitivity atomic force microscopy opens up for photosensitive materials
Researchers target immune system to treat rare cancer
New anti-cancer drug breakthrough for prostate cancer
NTU and A*STAR scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through skin
Diverse amyloid structures and dynamics revealed by high-speed atomic force microscopy
Energy-Efficient Tuning of Spintronic Neurons
Caught in act: Microscopy reveals key detail in retrovirus replication
Smile: Atomic imaging finds root of tooth decay
Genome Guardians Stop and Reel in DNA to Correct Replication Errors
New androgen receptor structure suggests prostate cancer treatment options
PolyU discovers effect of chemical compound PTU on autophagy in zebrafish embryos
Wool readily biodegrades in marine environments
Real-time monitoring of proteins in nuclear pore complex
When imaging atoms, blurrier is better
A Bacterial Toxin Turning Cells into Swiss Cheese
Scientists synthesize novel artificial molecules that mimic a cell membrane protein
Study by University researchers reveals how bacterial toxins might evolve to cause new illnesses
Electrons in fast lane
High-end Microscopy Refined
Neurons thrive even when malnourished
‘Nanotorch’ highlights ultrafast biochemical reactions
“I can now plan for a long-term research career in Germany”
Cancer cells adapt to lack of key nutrient, posing potential problems for drugmakers
New tool helps nanorods stand out
A touch of gold and silver
Rewritable magnetic patterning: think tiny Etch
Exotic nanotubes move in less-mysterious ways
Evolution of colour vision in sea snakes
Nanopatterning electronic properties of twisted 2D semiconductors using twist
Interfaces key in atomically thin, high-temperature superconductors
Lighting way to a healthy nation – optical ‘X-rays’ for walk through diagnosis & therapy
UniSA research shows promising signs in fight against drug-resistant superbugs
Chemicals Often Found in Consumer Products Could Lead to Obesity and Fatty Liver Diseases
Subcellular chatter regulates longevity
How body makes triglycerides
How influenza virus hijacks our defence
Biomarker signature found for TB infection
Unexpectedly potent protein droplets
Helping a Helper: Uncovering How Different Proteins Cooperate in DNA Repair
New imaging technique sheds light on adult zebrafish brain
How coronavirus multiplies its genetic material
New understanding of asthma medicines could improve future treatment
Unprecedented 3D images of live cells plus details of molecules inside
ARC Linkage Projects success for Sydney researchers
Origin of Feces: coproID Reliably Predicts Sources of Ancient Poop
Insight Into Synapses
Rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine
Synthetic material could help heal injured tendons and ligaments