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Baylor College of Medicine names new dean of School of Health Professions
Astronomers discover rare ‘black widow’ binary, with shortest orbit yet
U.S. Multisociety Task Force on Colorectal Cancer releases new recommendations for harmartomatous polyposis syndrome
Highway death toll signs associated with more crashes, researchers find
Rio Tinto releases first quarter production results 20 April
Apple and MLB announce “Friday Night Baseball” schedule beginning April 8
Red-backed salamanders possess only limited ability to adjust to warming climate
EPA restores California’s vehicle emissions waiver helping drive electric vehicle transition – Climate Group responds
Perennial Flax: Potential Cut Flower Crop
Mode of intraoperative support impacts primary graft dysfunction after lung transplant
Scholar to explore Iowa State’s role in Manhattan Project
Giant leap for immersive learning: Creating virtual reality classroom
Overwintered Cover Crops Show Promise as Soil Management Tool in High Tunnels
Mosquito surveillance program finds invasive species taking root in three Iowa counties
Researchers Receive $2.7 Million Grant from John Templeton Foundation to Study Virtue Formation Across Higher Education Contexts
World-first study estimates 1500 undiscovered species of trees in Australia and Pacific Islands
AGA announces 2021-2023 FORWARD Program Scholars
January temperatures linked to immigrant entrepreneurship
Honeydew contaminated with systemic insecticides threatens beneficial insects
UN expert calls for probe into suspected ritualistic killings: Liberia
Success in Visualizing Propagation Path of Electromagnetic Waves from Space to Ground
Why US states should adopt California’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Program
Scientists studying new method to model bladder cancer treatments
Apple, Boys & Girls Clubs team up to offer coding opportunities to kids, teens
UN experts call for urgent action to stop prison violence: Ecuador
Change Agent: Lisa Schulte Moore
States have duty to probe all suspicious deaths: UN expert
U.S. gun violence increased 30 percent during Covid pandemic
Metro Flood Diversion Authority reaches financial close on first P3 flood management project in North America
Researchers and citizen scientists complete world’s first Weddell seal count
Prominent Economist Joins Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty
New NSF-funded institute to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience
Architect Martin Miller: taming complexity with digital tools
AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts
AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts
Experts release new management strategies for malignant colorectal polyps
Penn State mourns loss of food science pioneer Philip Keeney
Inquiries continue to locate outstanding offender, NSW
Critical incident investigation underway, NSW
Looking back: Historian will discuss early epidemics at Iowa State
Canterbury and Canada combine in online Indigenous Economics course
Increasing stability decreases ocean productivity, reduces carbon burial
Multimedia piece honoring Floyd, others premieres
Athletes and volunteers return to Blacktown Olympic Park
Distinguished musician receives Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award
Failure to ‘flatten curve’ may kill more people than we thought
Invasive shrubs in Northeast forests grow leaves earlier and keep them longer
Where lions operate, grazers congregate … provided food is great