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In Dialogue with Ecuador, Experts of the Committee against Torture Praise Health Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Persons, Ask…
In Dialogue with Ecuador, Experts of the Committee against Torture Praise Health Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Persons, Ask…
Life Underground Suited New Dinosaur Fine
We used 1,000 historical photos to reconstruct Antarctic glaciers before a dramatic collapse
Police Appeal To Locate Missing Girl – Tuggerah Lakes
Special Rapporteurs: Scale and cycle of Iraq’s arbitrary executions may be a crime against humanity
Predicting chronic wasting disease in counties could prevent spread
UN expert: Protection and dignified management of the dead in war and peace are cornerstones for preventing unlawful killings
Targeting human rights defenders must stop, UN expert says: Democratic Republic of Congo
High stalks: Could rhubarb be New York State’s next big crop?
Navel gazing: checking your belly button can tell you a lot about your health
US long-term care costs are sky-high, but Washington state’s new way to help pay for them could be nixed
Chemicals, forever: how do you fix a problem like PFAS?
New cybersecurity center to protect grids integrated with renewables, microgrids
Engineers making a better, more profitable grid for distributing solar power
Seven Early-Career Scientists will Attend the AACR Annual Meeting with Ludwig Support
Optiscan Imaging announces the appointment of US clinical and regulatory heads
Challenges and successes: Exploring conversations between the National Park Service and Native people
Computer model helps grape growers adapt to shorter winters
Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity, while easing financial and logistical burdens for families and schools
Robber flies track their beetle prey using tiny microbursts of movement
Distinguished scientists set to share research with new audiences
UN experts condemn terrorist attacks targeting Pakistan election and call for a peaceful transition of power
HKUST Prof. LAU Kei May Elected to the US National Academy of Engineering
UN experts condemn killing and silencing of journalists: Gaza
Amcor announces expansion of thermoforming production capacity to support healthcare customer growth in North America
US Climate Action Summit: Make It Real
New method could help estimate wildlife disease spread
Snail-inspired robot could scoop ocean microplastics
Rio Tinto s’associe à Aymium pour tester un produit de biocarbone renouvelable
American delegation visits Geelong for clean economy insights
Why Google and Meta owe news publishers much more than you think – and billions more than they’d like to admit
Gains for breeding program from US trip
Service to science: Two veterans find purpose in neuroscience
UNSW Sunswift Racing claims Bridgestone World Solar Challenge victory after wind drama in Outback
Coral babies on ice ahead of hot Australian summer
Collaborators putting coral larvae ‘on ice’ to help reef restoration efforts
US and Canadian Researchers Team Up to Prevent Spread of Oak-killing Disease
Iowa State University to bring Jack Trice’s legacy to the Iowa State Fair
Pandemic resulted in ‘load imbalance’ among hospitals
Expert welcomes historic visit to United States and Guantánamo detention facility and affirms rights of victims of terrorism and victims of counter-terrorism
UN counterterrorism expert concludes visit to the United States and Guantanamo detention facility
UN experts urge General Assembly to address plight of the missing and forcibly disappeared: Syria
New Dino, ‘Iani,’ Was Face of Changing Planet
UN expert: Honduras must seize historic opportunity to prevent andinvestigate unlawful deaths
Apple, MLB announce July “Friday Night Baseball” schedule on Apple TV+
USDA grant expands data-sharing initiative that reveals swine disease trends
E-cigarette companies seek IP protections in face of rising regulation