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States have duty to probe all suspicious deaths: UN expert
U.S. gun violence increased 30 percent during Covid pandemic
Metro Flood Diversion Authority reaches financial close on first P3 flood management project in North America
Researchers and citizen scientists complete world’s first Weddell seal count
Prominent Economist Joins Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty
New NSF-funded institute to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience
Architect Martin Miller: taming complexity with digital tools
AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts
AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts
Experts release new management strategies for malignant colorectal polyps
Penn State mourns loss of food science pioneer Philip Keeney
Inquiries continue to locate outstanding offender, NSW
Critical incident investigation underway, NSW
Looking back: Historian will discuss early epidemics at Iowa State
Canterbury and Canada combine in online Indigenous Economics course
Increasing stability decreases ocean productivity, reduces carbon burial
Multimedia piece honoring Floyd, others premieres
Athletes and volunteers return to Blacktown Olympic Park
Distinguished musician receives Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award
Failure to ‘flatten curve’ may kill more people than we thought
Invasive shrubs in Northeast forests grow leaves earlier and keep them longer
Where lions operate, grazers congregate … provided food is great
A Research Roadmap for Bringing Nature to Schools
Roper Center collection remembers, amplifies Black voices
Genetics research produces clinical trial for ‘Childhood Alzheimer’s’
Fish evolution in action: land fish forced to adapt after leap out of water
Health precautions remain important after peaceful protest
All black lives matter – Aboriginal Deaths in custody and killing of George Floyd
Killing coronavirus with handheld ultraviolet light device may be feasible
Researchers use brain imaging to demonstrate weaker neural suppression in individuals with autism
Time to kill scientific zombie that is ‘Nature v Nurture’ debate
Warming Midwest conditions may result in corn, soybean production moving north
Chinese funerary biographies, skin lighteners through history, NYC neighborhood gentrification study
Australian Museum appoints new Chief Scientist
Researchers to explore perennial grains with $1.77M grant
Vulnerability of global forests ‘similar to corals’
Maine COVID Sitters easing child care burden for front-line health workers
Bumblebees hate pumpkin pollen, which may help pumpkins
Community factors influence how long you’ll live, study shows
Iowa State lecture will center on childfree movement
Oldest Irish ‘clachan’ found in SA
UNE hosts artist Patrisha McLean for discussion about domestic violence prevention
Music, kindness and poetry inspire a ‘hope-filled life’
Insecticides becoming more toxic to honey bees
Story of Vikings football star’s legacy told in filmmaker daughter’s documentary
Things to Do at Penn State: Jan. 16-23
Atlantic and Pacific oscillations lost in noise