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Space research centre renamed after Australia’s first astronaut
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Multi-million dollar funding boost for UQ researchers
Launching Australian businesses into space
Demonstrating Aussie space capabilities to world
Next-generation astronomical survey makes its first observations
Griffith and Gilmour Space aim high with new MOU
Boeing Reports Third-Quarter Results 28 October
Cool discovery: new studies confirm Moon has icy poles
Greenhouse effect of clouds instrumental in origin of tropical storms
Astronomers enlist AI in search for ‘lethal’ baby star eruptions
Space Health Institute Seeks to Safeguard Astronaut Health through Control of Metabolism and Homeostasis
Microsoft establishes new digital alliance with state of Texas to expand education and skilling opportunities
Mystery of unusual neutron star system revealed after 20 years, thanks to thousands of volunteers
Australian invention to make it easier to find ‘new Earths’
Australian scientists win global NASA competition with revolutionary wound healing technology
NASA’s James Webb Telescopes will reveal hidden galaxies
Recipe for powerful quasar jets
QUT creating software for Mars Perseverance Rover mission
Blinded by light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies
Australia signs NASA’s Artemis Accords
Virtual reality training for space exploration
Literal rise of internet enables new climate science
Scientists aim to broaden knowledge of volcanoes
Moon to Earth – WA to host space communications station
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In eye of a stellar cyclone
Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise