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More Kiwi families in hardship
Covid-19 failings highlight need for border agency
Beef cattle continue to increase
Imports fall in lead-up to Christmas
Exports flat despite commodity price falls
Grapes will rot on vines without Govt action
Vaccine rollout raises more questions than answers
Quarterly GDP bounces back, but COVID still a drag on annual growth
Labour doesn’t have a plan to pay down debt
Current account returns to deficit as imports rise
Net international liability position narrows as net external debt widens
Time for Kelvin Davis to show some leadership
National will hold Speaker to account
Taxpayers should not foot bill for Ihumātao
More departures than arrivals since March
Cook Islands bubble is taking far too long
RBNZ confirms Govt isn’t doing enough on housing
Govt’s lack of housing ideas leaves Kiwis cold
$333,000 bill to settle Speaker’s legal battle
Rents rise 1.0 percent in November
Strawberry prices squished as exports drop
Updated census collection model to be tested in 2021
Shoppers dial up Black Friday deals
Failing education standards won’t help wellbeing
Tourist hotspots struggling in September quarter
Manufacturing and wholesale trade sales rebound in September quarter
Construction forges ahead, but services lag behind in wake of COVID-19
Royal Commission must lead to meaningful change
Homeownership rate lowest in almost 70 years
Housing wait list continues to surge under Labour
Building activity bounces back
Impact of COVID-19 on residential building sentiments in Auckland
Tax hike will create more problems than it solves
Second inquiry into Pharmac vetoed by Labour
Te Whata storehouse of iwi data welcomed by Stats NZ
46-year high for new home consents
Where is Roche/Simpson report?
COVID-19 keeps a lid on international travel
Largest drop in terms of trade in a decade as dairy export prices sour
Election boosts October job numbers
Light rail debacle stains NZ’s business reputation
RSE deal too little too late
Annual goods trade surplus at 28-year high
Producing goods – changing face of economy
Retail sales recover in September 2020 quarter
Household saving only just positive
Producers’ prices whey down for dairy manufacturers
Most Kiwis still doing well, but some struggling