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World Statistics Day 2020
More evidence of broken promises from Labour
Labour failed to deliver on their key promises
National caring for New Zealand’s senior citizens
A choice with Labour – drowning in debt or higher taxes?
National to give young Kiwis a better start at life
Card spending up as COVID-19 alert levels fall
Courgette prices fall back to earth
Accommodation spending low but eating out recovers
Monthly migration remains low
National out to stop Wealth Tax
Supporting New Zealand’s proud wine industry
A Labour/Greens Govt would introduce a Wealth Tax
COVID-19 curtails cruise ship visits and spending
Outrageous use of taxpayer funds so close to election
National focused on creating at least 10,000 jobs
David Parker identifies error in Labour’s tax policy
Auckland Council governance reset under National
National to build for school growth
Weekly earnings data now available in experimental weekly employment indicators
Labour pumped up on debt
Labour has serious questions to answer
More than 10,000 townhouses, flats, and units consented in last year
Reskilling & Retraining offers hope of fresh start
Education sector lifts August job numbers
Survey results show need for tax relief
National will give children best start in life
Imports fall leads to annual trade surplus
New Zealand’s population nears 5.1 million
Young men hardest to count in census
Northern regions lead population growth
National will nurture New Zealand’s technology talent
Transport under Labour a shambles in Wellington
Second harbour crossing needed now, more than ever
Labour’s economic hypocrisy on full display
COVID-19 sees record 12.2 percent fall in New Zealand’s economy
An extra 100,000 New Zealanders to lose their jobs under Labour
Fall in imports drives current account surplus
Net international investment position remains steady
A modern health service that delivers for everyone
Further investment in children with additional needs
National to invest in our children’s future
Wellbeing outcomes worse for sole parents
Migration flows down to a trickle
Now isn’t time to be making life harder for farmers
Job creation is answer, not increasing dependency
National to fund TRENZ for two years
Tomato shortage follows lockdown