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Growth In Export Markets For New Zealand Milk Powder
Primary production – poultry: March 2024 quarter and year
Information and communication technology supply survey: 2023
Retail Trade Survey: March 2024 Quarter
Linked employer-employee data: March 2023 quarter – NZ.Stat tables
Retail activity up in March 2024 quarter after eight declines
Alcohol Available For Consumption: March 2024 Quarter
Thank you, Aotearoa New Zealand, for making the 2023 Census count – Tatau tātou: all of us count
Data Quality Assurance In 2023 Census
Producers Price Index Weights
Business Price Indexes: March 2024 Quarter
Transport Vehicle Registrations 16 May
Māori population estimates: Mean year ended 31 December 2023 (2018-base)
National Population Estimates: At 31 March 2024
Births And Deaths: Year Ended March 2024
Estimated Population Of NZ
International Migration 14 May
Electronic Card Transactions 14 May
International Travel 14 May
Selected Price Indexes 13 May
Local authority financial statistics: Year ended June 2023
Prices for food and international airfares increased in April
Finding the best source of coverage for state social housing: Comparing Kāinga Ora (Housing New Zealand) and census data
Ready-mixed Concrete: March 2024 Quarter
Modernising Our Approach To 2028 Census
Updates To 2024 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statistics
Livestock Slaughtering Statistics 6 May
Marriages, civil unions, and divorces: Year ended December 2023
Agricultural Production Statistics: Year To June 2023
Annual Number Of Homes Consented Down 25 Percent
Building Consents Issued 2 May
Two Decades Of Youth Employment And Education
Average Hourly Earnings Up 5.2 Percent Annually
Labour Market Statistics: March 2024 Quarter
Unemployment Rate At 4.3 Percent
Business Count Indicators 30 April
Share Of Home Transfers To Overseas Buyers Remains Low
Property Transfer Statistics: March 2024 Quarter
Household Living Costs Increase 6.2 Percent
Employment Indicators 29 April
Prison (sentence, remand, and post-prison), community-sentence, and completed community work offender population statistics: 2023 calendar year – NZ.Stat tables
Research And Development Survey: 2023
New Zealand business sector R&D expenditure reaches $3.7 billion
Overseas Merchandise Trade 24 April
Report Of Statutory Review Of New Zealand’s 2023 Census
Interim coverage rates, collection response rates, and data sources for the 2023 Census
Independent review and interim coverage rates highlight successful census
Transport Vehicle Registrations 18 April