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Trust Undermined: Discrepancies in Asian Development Bank’s Climate Adaptation Finance Claims in Asia
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Australian dividend payouts to shareholders rise 6 times faster than worker pay since 2020
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Allies For Uluru Statement Of Commitment
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Australia has stepped up to prevent famine before and should do so again in Gaza
Gazan war continuation of 100 years of displacement
Australia among least generous for aid: Oxfam
More than 250 humanitarian and human rights organisations call to stop arms transfers to Israel, Palestinian armed groups
Time is running out for international action to protect civilians and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah, as UN Security Council resolution is ignored
People in northern Gaza forced to survive on 245 calories a day, less than a can of beans – Oxfam
People in northern Gaza forced to survive on 245 calories a day, less than a can of beans
Australian humanitarian agencies condemn aid worker deaths
As Yemen enters tenth year of war, militarisation and economic crisis compound suffering – Oxfam
Financing social protection and care systems turbocharges economies, reduces poverty
Israel government continues to block aid response despite ICJ genocide court ruling, says Oxfam
Oxfam Australia reaction to Australian Government’s reinstatement of funding to UNRWA
Gaza: Airdrops and sea routes are no alternative to aid delivery by land
Tropical storm Filipo hits Mozambique exactly one year after devastating Cyclone Freddy left millions of people in urgent need – Oxfam responds
Over six million people face hunger, malnutrition and water scarcity in Zambia, Oxfam warns
EU And Member States Must Sustain Funding To UNRWA
Joint NGO Statement Calling on UN Security Council to Pass Gaza Ceasefire Resolution
ASEAN-Australia Special Summit must address climate crisis in the region: Oxfam
From weight loss to a 100km Oxfam Trail Walk: Ingrid Thomas’ inspiring fitness journey with Aquamoves
Less than 8 cents in every dollar of tax revenue collected in G20 countries comes from taxes on wealth, says Oxfam
“Golden time” seasonal farming production destroyed and lost in northern Gaza amid mounting fears of worsening hunger and starvation
Support for Gaza ceasefire and more government action surges in Australian community as aid agencies call for urgent support
Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne: A grand finale to a 25-year journey to end poverty
Conflict in North Kivu, DRC: over a hundred thousand people living in disastrous conditions without clean water
Rafah, Gaza: Urgent Statement from CEOs of Humanitarian & Human Rights Organisations
Oxfam reaction to the Dutch court’s decision to stop military exports to Israel
Oxfam warns of growing hunger crisis in Tigray as families resort to extreme measures to survive
UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say NGOS
Foreign aid groups urge Australia to back International Court of Justice on Gaza war
Australian politicians travel across Timor Sea to see impact of Australian aid in Indonesia
UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say 20 NGOs
Reaction to ICJ court statement on South Africa’s case against Israel
Oxfam calls on Australians to mark January 26 with respect and reflection
Oxfam response to changes to stage three tax cuts
1 billion people left dangerously exposed to heat stress by gaps in climate monitoring
Nearly three quarters of millionaires polled in G20 countries support higher taxes on wealth, over half think extreme wealth is a “threat to democracy”
Wealth of three richest Australians has doubled since 2020 as cost-of-living pressures for many continue to bite: Oxfam
Daily death rate in Gaza higher than any other major 21st Century conflict – Oxfam
Oxfam: UNSC’s failure to call for a ceasefire “utterly callous”