Latest Palestinian News

Statement of Thirty-second Polio IHR Emergency Committee
After 15 years of blockade, four out of five children in Gaza say they are living with depression, grief, and fear
University of Manchester director included in list of region’s leading influential figures
Israel’s blockade of Gaza hits 15 years with no diplomatic resolution in sight
World Vision Statement on Verdict in Mohammad El Halabi Trial
MEAA House Committee statements in solidarity over killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
MEAA correspondence over killing of journalist and US citizen Shireen Abu Akleh
Poll: Government out of touch with Australians on Palestine
Skilled refugees to fill critical Australian labour shortages
Committee to review listing of Hamas, National Socialist Order and six other terrorist organisations
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Family Reunification
One man, many conflicts: international diplomacy and peace mediation
High Commissioner for Human Rights notes significant increase in violence in Occupied Palestinian Territory
In Dialogue with Israel, Experts of Human Rights Committee Raise Issues Concerning Applicability of Covenant and Ask about
Human Rights Council Concludes High-level Segment and Holds General Segment
President of Human Rights Council appoints members of investigative body in Ethiopia
Human Rights Council Hears from 24 Dignitaries as it Continues High-Level Segment
Human Rights Council Starts High-Level Segment, Hearing from Presidents of Tunisia, Lithuania, Colombia
MUA Backs Sydney Festival Artist-Boycott on Palestine and Calls for More Action
WHO psychological intervention effective in preventing mental disorders among Syrian refugees in Turkey
Five years after UNSC Resolution 2334, international accountability to end Israeli occupation is more important than ever
Middle East in 2021: Despite year out of global spotlight, millions remain in need
I will not be silenced about justice for Palestinian people
Morrison government to list two new terrorist organisations
UN experts alarmed by rise in settler violence in occupied Palestinian territory
Dr. Gary Foley announced as 2021 Jerusalem Peace Prize winner
UN experts say Israeli settlement expansion ‘tramples’ on human rights law
Israel’s “terrorism” designation an unjustified attack on Palestinian civil society – Bachelet
UN expert calls for “brave” new approach to end Israeli occupation of Palestine
UN experts condemn Israel’s designation of Palestinian human rights defenders as terrorist organisations
Release or charge five Palestinian hunger strikers – UN experts
PM is wrong to support IHRA definition of antisemitism
PJCIS recommends expanding terrorist listing of Hamas
Two Palestinian detainees on hunger strike are in situation of grave concern
Human Rights Council holds general debates on Universal Periodic Review and on human rights situation
Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcomes of Seychelles, Latvia, Singapore and Sierra Leone
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Grants fund community-engaged learning curricula
Bishop to help shape future of diplomacy
Normalisation of relations in Middle East
Gaza hospitals brace for surging COVID-19 cases amidst bombing and severe electricity shortages, warns
Lebanon: More than half a million children in Beirut are struggling to survive
New book explores maps as tools of political power
Australian FM statement on Middle East
Oxfam urges Government to condemn Israel’s proposed annexation of parts of
Australia must urgently condemn Israel’s annexation plans: Bandt
New Zealand expresses concerns over proposed Israeli annexation plans
New UN report allows powerful countries to kill and maim children with impunity