Latest Pormpuraaw News

Final projects announced through $134.5 million government infrastructure package
$6 million boost for Queensland’s flood warning infrastructure network
More solar on way for Queensland’s remote communities
Regional Queensland shares in $16 million for resilient infrastructure
Regional Queensland shares in $16 million for resilient infrastructure
Deadly Digital Communities delivers technology in remote regions
Transforming pollution into art
First Nations communities land historic Housing Plans
Connecting with Country through language
Water plan drives Cape’s sustainable future
Super announcement as new chiefs appointed in QPS
Solar powers Queensland
Mangrove recovery stalled by dead wood
$8 million boost for ATSI transport infrastructure
Renewable solution reaches remote Indigenous communities
Record Police Budget delivered by Palaszczuk Government
Disaster assistance extended to Longreach primary producers after TC Trevor
Disaster assistance extended to Pormpuraaw after Tropical Cyclone Trevor
Tropical Cyclone Trevor continues to batter Far North Queensland
WEATHER UPDATE: tropical cyclone Trevor rapidly intensifying, 21 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: tropical cyclone Trevor to move into Gulf of Carpentaria, 20 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Severe tropical cyclone Trevor to cross coast today, 19 March 2019
Program under threat despite dramatic drop in violence in indigenous community
Disaster assistance extended for communities affected by TC Penny
Disaster assistance extended to remote Queensland communities