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Burns treatment, virtual reality, fashion & growing new human tissue – Hospitals of Future conference
‘Bionic’ pop artist heading to Brisbane
Chenhall Trust funding boosts QUT cancer research
Collective success: social impact of regional arts
QUT researcher on mission to Mars
New research projects to reduce child exploitation material
Living, breathing, reasoning computers: QUT research
Teen suicide risk greatest in developing countries: study
Patients with chronic wounds need better support
Transport support urgently needed to improve road safety in remote communities: survey
First national study of child maltreatment
Game on: New social outlet for gamers
Hospital cleaning trial cuts infections
‘Failure of trust’: Why regulators need to get tough on Facebook and Google
Indigenous STEM Awards winners passionate about innovation through culture
QUT #WSFB2019: a robotic artist, magic slime, vegan leather & more
Health risk or benefit? How Health Star Rating system stacks up
Griffith physicist bound for prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
New spin on mentoring future female engineers
#Foodfraud fills stomachs but empties wallets
Koala-spotting drones proves a flying success
World-first robotic vision competition targets overconfident robots
QUT’s new Education Precinct and Sphere unveiled
First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy
When fridges go shopping: The economy of algorithms
Australia’s innovation ecosystem needs biodiversity
QUT an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality
Voluntary assisted dying law faces challenges
Public ‘overestimate’ harmful impact of new technologies
Churchill Fellow goes global to explore VR as tool for social good
Probiotics for gut health, what about for depression?
Free access to research will help save horses and ponies
Building better robots that can get a grip
Pilot plant to turn sugarcane waste into biofuel and beer bottles
Queensland road trip set to test Artificial Intelligence on real Aussie roads
QUT internships help Year 12s focus STEM ambitions
Environmental law from the ground up
Courage a double-edged sword for economic success
Leaves are sophisticated environmental sensors
MIT Bootcamp shows off entrepreneurial talent at QUT
School reading texts require greater diversity: QUT research
Investigating glare: How bright is your office?