Latest South Sudan News

Over 21,000 people killed since UN global ceasefire-resolution
Urgent action needed to avert risk of famine in Burkina Faso, South Sudan and Yemen
World Humanitarian Day 2020: A tribute to aid workers on front lines
COVID-19 crisis calls for collaboration with cultural leaders
New Zealand extends Middle East and Africa peace support deployments
IKEA Foundation contributes $3.5 million to support FAO’s work with refugees and host communities
FAO and Russian Federation sign Contribution Agreement to ramp up fight against desert locusts
Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund supporting communities in need
Regional Arts Fund Community Grant recipients announced
New report identifies 27 countries heading for COVID-19-driven food crises
Mathet wins People’s Choice Award for second time
More than $668,000 supports arts projects in regional Australia
More people could die daily from COVID-19 linked hunger than virus itself
FAO welcomes additional €15 million from European Union to fight Desert Locusts and their impacts on food security
Global food commodity prices rebound in June
Hugh Sheridan launches COVID-19 fundraiser for world’s most vulnerable communities
Forcibly displaced people highest ever, children bear greatest burden: World Vision
This is DyspOra: Sonic Activist
Stories of resilience and hope during Refugee Week
Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Emerging data suggest COVID-19 is driving up hunger in vulnerable countries
Honouring Australian Peacekeepers
Recognising role of United Nations Peacekeepers
Chester release – Recognising role of United Nations peacekeepers
Multicultural community leaders honoured
FAO Director-General says fight against Desert Locusts will take time, despite significant control gains
WHO and UNHCR join forces to improve health services for refugees, displaced and stateless people
New Plan To Help Young Victorians Turn Their Lives Around
FAO needs $350 million to avert rising hunger as countries reel from COVID-19 pandemic’s impact
Surveys assess impact of pandemic on conflict
FAO makes gains in fight against Desert Locusts in East Africa and Yemen but threat of a food security crisis
Coronavirus in Africa: A complex reality
Griffith lecturer designs revolutionary ventilator for developing countries
FAO welcomes Russian Federation’s $10 million donation to support fight Desert Locusts in East Africa
FAO welcomes $10 million donation from Mastercard Foundation to fight Desert Locusts in East Africa
FAO continues to fight Desert Locust upsurge in East Africa and Yemen despite COVID-19 constraints
COVID-19: Our hungriest, most vulnerable communities face “a crisis within
Up to 250 people per single water tap in refugee camps braced for arrival of coronavirus
As UN calls for funds, aid agency implores Australia to see big picture
Dry weather increases by two list of countries in need of external food assistance
FAO welcomes €17 million contribution from Germany to combat impact of Desert Locust upsurge
FAO welcomes European Union contribution of €11 million to fight Desert Locust outbreak
Locusts in East Africa: A race against time
Optus announce Olympic Ambassadors on road to Tokyo 2020
Hunger threatens over half of population in South Sudan
FAO Director-General says greater action needed to avert a humanitarian crisis as Desert Locust
Locusts swarm into northern Uganda as Oxfam looks toward a $5m response across region
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund donates $1 million to efforts to combat Desert Locust