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Estrogen-regulated brain circuit that helps females control obesity identified
Estrogen-regulated brain circuit tha helps females control obesity identified
Ashurst advises CAPZA on financing acquisitions of ICSynergy and SecureITsource by iC Consult
NSF-funded Study Finds Eolian Dust Systems in Texas and New Mexico to be Current and Future Potent Dust Sources that Impact
Entomologists to study how climate change may influence pollinator stressors
Effects of morning and evening exercise mapped in mice
Federal grants to fund liver cancer, tissue repair and skin disease projects
MAPK4, novel therapeutic target for triple-negative breast cancer
Unraveling complexity of vitamin B12 diseases
Can severe weather changes make allergies worse?
Evenings with Genetics discusses genetics behind autism
January temperatures linked to immigrant entrepreneurship
University of Toronto researcher examines how doing good improves mental health
Year of record-breaking extreme weather
Researchers expanding study of landlords, rental housing markets
Macquarie Asset Management and German American Realty secure US real estate mandate from DEVK Insurance Group
Apple marks year of giving in communities it calls home
Study Compares Natural and Artificial Environment Effects on Memory and Reasoning Skills
Brain stimulation device enables new understanding of OCD
Evenings with Genetics addresses genetic testing and heart disease
SRC-2 at center of survival adaptations to food shortages
Gas to play major role with renewable energy for cleaner reliable electricity
BIPAI helps fuel Botswana being first high-burden country to achieve elimination of HIV mother-to-child transmission
Apple, Boys & Girls Clubs team up to offer coding opportunities to kids, teens
Deliveries to South East Queensland may be delayed
Study highlights role of disordered protein interactions in gene expression
Soft food diet increases risks for captive animals
Sun Compass on Demand
Baylor, TCH and ImmunityBio collaborate for Covid vaccine for Africa
Ancient Human Relative, Australopithecus sediba, “Walked Like a Human, But Climbed Like an Ape”
‘New deal’ needed to end hate, exclusion, discrimination against minorities, says UN expert: USA
University of Southern Queensland and Wagners latest manufacturing innovation
Cornell in Washington interns on front lines of policy debates
Macrogrid study: Big value in connecting America’s eastern and western power grids
Older Adults Can Improve Prospective Memory Functioning Using Smartphone Technology
Weed of Week – Parthenium Weed
Targeting MAPK6 offers potential therapeutic strategy for cancer
Results of 3-year Field Study Comparing Drought Tolerance of Turfgrass Species
Beyond genetics: Early nutrition and epigenetic prediction of future health outcomes in humans
UN expert to visit to assess rights of minorities: USA
Enzyme research unlocks gateway for new medicines
It takes cellular teamwork to heal intestine
Secrets of quillwort photosynthesis could boost crop efficiency
Pinniped Craniofacial Musculature Provides Insight on its Role in Aquatic Feeding
Study looks at approaches for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
Baylor and Harvard Researchers Partner in Long-Term, Global Study of Human Flourishing
NSF grant aims to optimize future cyberinfrastructure
Juno craft provides first 3D view of Jupiter’s deep storms