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New cybersecurity center to protect grids integrated with renewables, microgrids
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Girls Elevated Returns For 10th Anniversary
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ASHS Recognizes Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center as a Horticultural Landmark
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Discovery suggests new strategy against follicular lymphoma
In Lund debate, panelists chart different paths to climate justice
Cancer-predisposition variants associated with adverse outcomes in rhabdomyosarcoma
Three new McNair Scholars join Baylor College of Medicine as the College hosts the 12th annual McNair Symposium
The total solar eclipse in North America could help shed light on a persistent puzzle about the Sun
Solar Eclipse Could Scramble Bird Behavior
Black Rock project puts city in pole position for jobs, tourism
World leading researchers convene to help combat space health hurdles
An eclipse for everyone – how visually impaired students can ‘get a feel for’ eclipses
Genomic Architecture Of Inherited DNA Variants
Zoho Establishes Australian Headquarters In Adelaide
How a balloon-borne experiment can do the job of the Hubble space telescope
Study examines prevalence of birth defects following DPR implementation
Sharing the National Collection: Tiny Texas gallery to host Jan Brown works
Mike Tyson is getting back in the ring at 58 – what could go wrong?
Microsoft and Oracle expand partnership to satisfy global demand for Oracle Database@Azure
Should you be concerned about flying on Boeing planes?
Simple Trick Could Improve Accuracy of Plant Genetics Research
Leprosy cases are rising in the US – what is the ancient disease and why is it spreading now?
Solar eclipses result from a fantastic celestial coincidence of scale and distance
Total solar eclipses, while stunning, can damage your eyes if viewed without the right protection
Australian AI company SmartMeasures launches first USA-based office to tackle customer churn and debt challenges for retail energy providers
New consortium of healthcare leaders announces formation of Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN), making safe and fair AI accessible to every healthcare organization
April’s eclipse will mean interruptions in solar power generation, which could strain electrical grids
Boeing Donates $250,000 to Support Wildfire Recovery and Relief Efforts in Texas and Oklahoma
High-energy laser weapons: A defense expert explains how they work and what they are used for
‘Flying Tigers’ Come To Live Bird Cams Project
Elite ambitions: QUT sports scholarships launched for 2024
Global warming may be behind an increase in the frequency and intensity of cold spells
On Climate Change, Artists ‘imagine World Otherwise’
WA On Show During Investment And Trade Mission To US
New JWST low-mass galaxy observations could help settle scientific debate about early universe origins
Mental fatigue has psychological triggers − new research suggests challenging goals can head it off
Early COVID-19 research is riddled with poor methods and low-quality results − a problem for science the pandemic worsened but didn’t create
Far-red Photons Increase Light Capture but Have Lower Photosynthetic Capacity Than Red Photons