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Most stillbirth certificates are inaccurate
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Mindfulness reduced stress, but didn’t change decisions: ILR research processes
Tiny devices pave way for self-charging smart tech
Invest more to cut bowel disorder hospital cases
Malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin found
Novel research gives more clues about minerals under pressure within earth or other planets
Novel research gives more clues about pressures within earth or other planets
Under pressure: tour-de-force joint neutron and X-ray experiment on an historic sample
Delirium linked to increase in hospital deaths
Childhood trauma linked to risk of adult crime
Changes to bird behaviour linked to climate change
Antibiotics affects gut microbes of newborns
Slow walk and memory issues may predict dementia risk
Regular paracetamol use linked to raised blood pressure
Bronze Age women led change in Orkney
Patient care aided by shared staff perspectives
Ovarian cancer’s advance slowed by drug
Six significant grants to solve world’s biggest killer – cardiovascular disease
Newborn infection linked with later infections
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Proteins could be key to long and healthy life
Digital fixes can help creative sector flourish
Country houses research inspires medal success
Researchers study Milky Way’s ‘feeding habits’ in search of clues about its origins