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Gum And Old Fridges Aid Bid To Cut Plastic Waste
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University awarded £30 million to train the next generation of science and engineering researchers through four new Centres for Doctoral Training
Lowered Red Meat Intake Would Hit Climate Goals
Young people are losing sleep over energy drinks – but a ban won’t be enough to protect them
Trial shows ‘wonder’ material can be developed safely
Historical musical innovator awarded science prize
Trust in NHS advice key to Covid vaccine uptake
Game changing gene therapies focus of £14m research hub
England’s oldest became frailer during austerity
Universities secures £12 million boost for AI innovation
Virus ancestry could help predict next pandemic
Archaeological evidence of seasonal vitamin D deficiency discovered
Extreme weather influencing mortgage payments 26 January
Extreme weather influencing mortgage payments
Global study to spur new liver cirrhosis medicines
A&S grad wins Marshall Scholarship
Shipwrecks offer insights into subsea ecology
Experts urge global action on child sex offences
ISU researchers discover crucial step in creating blood stem cells
We followed 14 ‘long haulers’ for 3 months. Here’s what they told us about living with long COVID
HKUST and Tsinghua University Jointly Organize International AI Forum
Projects using data for good awarded medals
Screen team plays starring role in £75.6m deal
Test aids emergency diagnosis of heart conditions