Latest University of Queensland News | Page 53

Unmanned vehicles to take quantum leap
Aussie plants facing extinction
Fungal infection affecting frogs’ future
How to send a finch extinct
True colours: a test to determine how animals see colour
Researchers to crack poultry production health risks
It’s a bird-eat-bird world
Researchers fight to keep smut off Australia’s sporting fields
‘Play on’ with the Firebirds, Reds, Football Qld and the Sporting Wheelies
‘Play on’ with the Firebirds, Reds, Football Queensland and the Sporting Wheelies at UQ
First week, first client as university startups germinate
Women urged to put mental health on pre-conception checklist
Researchers take a step forward in understanding human feet
Walking robots made more affordable
UQ natural weed control an Australian first
Human hazards hamper vampire bat venom research
Ultra ultrasound to revolutionise technology
People struggling with weight offered compassion
Gene map offers osteoporosis hope
Cutting off melanoma’s escape routes
Wildlife struggle to cope with extreme weather
Molecule predicts patient’s ability to survive melanoma
Loss of intertidal ecosystem exposes coastal communities
UQ’s entrepreneurs aim for a sustainable future
UQ’s entrepreneurs aim for a sustainable future
Indigenous first among UQ’s six Fulbrights
Get a warrant: researchers demand better DNA protections
New funding takes UQ towards clinical trials of dementia ultrasound treatment
Fifty years of decline in Queensland’s coastal sharks
Family and culture the focus for Valedictorian
Hard work the key for Valedictorian
Bisexual women most vulnerable to poor health and wellbeing
Harry’s journey to save the world has only just begun
$42m to tackle global health issues
Alzheimer’s drug may help battle antibiotic resistance
Invasive species and habitat loss our biggest biodiversity threats
Saving lives is in his blood
Dancing ‘in the zone’ lasts a lifetime for professionals
Link between neonatal vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia confirmed
Researchers exploring lighting lunar nights
International agriculture pioneer wins Gatton Gold
Shelter dogs get second leash on life
Shelter dogs get second leash of life
New technology helps the visually impaired reach for the stars
Reconciliation at UQ
Nano-signature discovery could revolutionise cancer diagnosis
Revolutionising fertiliser for a healthier reef
Multi-million dollar research project to target adolescent mental health