Latest University of Würzburg News

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In Fight For Global Biodiversity
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Parity Anomaly Demonstrated In Topological Insulator
Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat Marks Its 1000th Publication
Oxidative stress in heart failure varies between males and females
Finding New Answers With Nuclear Clock
Audit “Shaping Diversity” Successfully Completed
New English-taught Master’s Degree Programme: Management International
Successful Launch Into Space
Umbrella for Atoms: The First Protective Layer for 2D Quantum Materials
New Consortium Aims to Develop More Sustainable Sodium-based Batteries
“Empathy Is Socially Transmitted”
Desert Ants: The Magnetic Field Calibrates the Navigation System
Love and Hate in Ancient Times
Excellence Strategy: Success for University of Würzburg
Neuromodulation: Ultrasound Leads to Braver Behavior in Situations of Mental Conflict
Precursor of Cholesterol Protects Cells From Ferroptosis
Holding Ancient Societies Together
Networkers in cramped conditions
Top climate researcher talks about climate change in Lower Franconia
Topological Quantum Device Produced
Scientists Reveal Black Hole Shadow
With second grant from lab into application
New Centre for “Modern and Contemporary Studies” at JMU
Practice-changing study on bone marrow cancer therapy
Würzburg computer scientists dive down
Innate immune cells are more adaptable than previously thought
Of Note Events and Neural Networks
Colour of Dragonflies Changes throughout Year
New Insights into Ecosystem Functions
DFG Funding for Immunology Research in Würzburg
How Immune Cells Recognize their Enemies
Taking insects on Virtual Journey
Communicating soil biodiversity to kids around globe
PicoRuler: Molecular Rulers for High-Resolution Microscopy