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Zhangzhou, situated at South Fujian Triangle, is a key city along the Belt and Road and a well-known ancestral hometown for overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots. Known as one of the world cultural heritage sites, one of China’s famous historical and cultural cities and one of China’s top tourist cities, and the City of Hot Spring, Zhangzhou is a brilliant highlight in the tourism landscape of China. In recent years, Zhangzhou has gone all out to boost the holistic tourism and constantly built the brand of Beautiful Zhangzhou, thus making its tourist economy booming.

There are three world wonders in Zhangzhou.

The first is the world tangible cultural heritage — Tulou (Earthen Castles) in Nanjing and Hua’an counties, which not only bears the history of but also witnesses the great changes in Zhangzhou.

Nanjing Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, the iconic Fujian Tulou architecture, consists of one square, one oval and three round earthen castles. It looks like a plum blossom in full bloom dotting the ground in a bird’s eye view. Seeing from the hill foot, it also looks like the magnificent Potala Palace high on the mountain. Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town is also in Nanjing County. It became famous at home and abroad because of a namesake film The Knot, or Yun Shui Yao in Chinese. Within the scenic area of Yun Shui Yao, there are the world cultural heritage sites, such as Hegui Building, Huaiyuan Building, the highest, largest and most dense thousand-year-old ancient banyan trees in Fujian Province, a century-old street, an ancient path that dates back to one thousand years ago, and those sacred mountains and clean waters — all these are seemingly enveloped in aloofness. Hua’an Eryi Building is a piece of peerless artwork among the individual earthen buildings. It is hailed as the King of Tulou thanks to its scientific design, unique structure, exquisite woodcuts and stone carvings, gorgeous wall paintings and picturesque geographical environment.

The second is Zhangzhou Coast Volcano National Geopark in Zhangpu county and Longhai city. With a history of more than 20 million years, it has the best preserved, largest and densest basalt columns in the world, which can be deemed as the world-class volcano spectacle. One million and four hundred thousand giant basalt columns densely queue up like the frozen waterfall falling down high from the cliffs or an array of ribbons hanging down into the sea, presenting a breathtaking view. The jointed basalt columns in square or hexagon stand in orderly lines like warriors going to war. Advancing when the tide ebbs and retreating when the tide bulges, these basalt columns are compared to the Terracotta Warriors on the Sea.

The third to be mentioned is Dongshan Rocking Stone. Located on Dongshan Island, a National AAAA Scenic Area, the Rocking Stone is about 4.37 meters high and weighs more than 200 tons. It has been standing at the seaside for over one thousand years, with no man or wind being ever able to move it, which can be a great fascination for tourists. Dongshan Rocking Stone stands out from over 60 Rocking Stones nationwide because it looks rare, steep and precarious. Praised as the World’s Most Unique Stone by the ancient literati, it is indeed one of the world wonders.

In addition to the three wonders, Zhangzhou is also rich in flowers, fruits and aquatic resources, thus being reputed as the Capital of Flowers, Hometown of Fruits and a center of aquatic products. Zhangzhou is now attracting the guests from across the world with its abundant tourist resources and deep cultural heritage. Welcome to beautiful Zhangzhou.

Source: Zhangzhou Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau

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