Transcript: Samantha McCulloch discusses AEMO shortage warnings, Future Gas Strategy and Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition opening. Sky News, Laura Jayes

Australia’s oil and gas industry has deployed a new voice in Victoria and New South Wales to secure the role of natural gas in the cleaner energy future.

Australian Energy Producers has appointed Peter Kos as Director – Victoria & NSW at a critical time during the nation’s net zero energy transformation.

Mr Kos is a senior public affairs professional with over 30 years of experience in government, industry groups and corporations.

The appointment comes as both southern states continue to stifle investment in new onshore gas development with bans and regulatory uncertainty that ignores the fundamental role of gas under net zero.

Mr Kos said his focus would be on ensuring industry can invest with confidence in the new gas supply that millions of NSW and Victorian households and businesses will continue to rely on.

“Independent agencies such as AEMO and the ACCC continue to warn of future supply shortfalls in the southern states and the fragile unreliability of Victoria’s electricity supplies,” Mr Kos said.

“NSW and Victoria are failing to help bring on new gas supply close to users that can put downward pressure on prices and avoid blackouts for millions of homes and businesses.

“Victoria demonises gas for ideological reasons while pushing more homes on to its fragile, coal-based electricity grid.

“NSW has legislated a new offshore ban while the much-needed Narrabri Gas Project continues its decade-plus journey through approval and court delays.

“Enough is enough. These states must start acting in the national interest and stop outsourcing their energy security to Queensland.”

Australian Energy Producers Chief Executive Samantha McCulloch said Mr Kos would provide valuable support to members while leading advocacy efforts in the region.

“Peter will be an important and authoritative voice for our members at a critical time for Australian energy policy,” she said.

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