Trial of 100% recycled bins

We are now making bins from 100% recycled plastic! Local manufacturer Trident Plastics is shredding old bins, melting them down, then turning them into these new ones which you’ll see on the streets ♻️

The has been working with the to begin a 12 month trial of these bins to see how they perform. There are 200 households involved in the trial with each receiving have received 3 new black bins. The waste bin also now has a red lid instead of a blue lid, in line with state government recommendations.

We will monitor the bin conditions over the next 12 months, to see how they perform. In future, we may look to transition our bins to the new fully recycled content bins when replacements are required.

We have been providing our community with dark green wheelie bins made with approximately 30% recycled plastic for many years. As well as building the Material Recovery Facility in Kilburn which has now been operating for 6 month, this move towards 100% recycled bins is a great next step for us in supporting the local circular economy and purchasing more items made from recycled materials.

manufacturing process of bins made from 100% recycled plastic

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