Tuesday 19 March 2024, Cr Wayne Sproull – The Maryborough Advertiser


Councillors have just started the process of budget deliberations. This is a huge task with countless hours put in by staff to prepare the report for the community and statutory bodies.

As a Councillor this can be a challenging time as currently, money is very tight. We all want the best for our community. We all want the best services, infrastructure and facilities available, but the reality is we are often under-resourced to meet the community’s demands.

Our officers do an incredible job of stretching every dollar where possible, as well as looking for every opportunity. Some in the community who may argue that point – and not all will agree with the outcomes – should not underestimate the difficulty of the task.

This is the final budget for the current councillor term and there are so many things we all wish could be included. I know I am guilty of asking for many things. It’s easy to do when you don’t necessarily have to work out the ‘how’.

I find a lot of the time it’s the little things. Yes, something may seem easy and simple, as an isolated issue or concern, but what if there are multiple issues? Compounding costs on small things can add up quickly.

The importance of policies cannot be underestimated in this instance. Council doesn’t have an endless supply of money and every cent needs to be spent wisely. I hope everyone can appreciate that when engaging with this process.

Cr Wayne Sproull

Maryborough Ward

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