Update on HACSU Industrial Negotiations

The Rockliff Liberal Government has made a very fair, reasonable and final offer that would see paramedics receive salary increases and improved working conditions whilst maintaining service delivery to the Tasmanian community.

Acting Premier Michael Ferguson said:

“In the first year of this new offer, all paramedics will receive an increase in earnings of between 4.1% and 5.9%, taking into account the cost of living/retention and low-income payments where applicable.

“In addition to the improved standard leave conditions, a new rural and remote allowance will also be introduced that will see paramedics at rural stations like Campbell Town receive a first year increase in earnings of at least 8.7% and those in remote stations like Queenstown receive an increase of at least 12.8%.

“In addition, the Department of Health has committed to improving terms and conditions to address the key issues raised in HACSU’s log of claims.

“This includes the provision of two fully funded training days and increasing the professional development allowance, developing and implementing fatigue management protocols within six months of registering the agreement, and ensuring all staff receive their meal break entitlements by employing dedicated wellbeing officers to coordinate this.

“The Department has also committed to working with paramedics and hospital staff to reduce ramping by developing and fully implementing a protocol for mandatory transfer of care from paramedic to hospital, to ensure all patients handovers are completed in less than one hour.”

Other key parts of the offer are:

  • Increases to base salaries at key classification points over the next two years to assist retention
  • An increase to the length of meal breaks and a 10% increase to the missed meal allowance
  • Implementing new Clinical Coach roles, with a paid Clinical Coach allowance, to provide greater support in the workplace for new graduates and staff undergoing skills development.
  • Improvements to end of shift dispatches
  • A new entitlement for release from duty prior to an exam
  • A review within 6 months to lead to a new classification structure.

The Tasmanian Government remains committed to finalising an offer and reaching agreement for hardworking paramedics to ensure they get a much-deserved pay rise.

Industrial agreements negotiated with a number of unions representing Tasmanian State Service employees were registered with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission on 23 December and are now in force.

A response is expected from HACSU by close of business today.