Urgent Call by Local Women for Comprehensive Menopause Education for Australian Doctors

Peri Pausers

Melbourne – The “Peri Pausers,” a group of friends who came together on Instagram, are rallying for an essential cause: comprehensive menopause training for Australian General Practitioners (GPs). With an online petition, they aim to bring attention to the alarming lack of information and understanding that doctors have regarding menopause and its impact on women’s lives.

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life, marking the end of reproductive years and the onset of various physical and emotional changes. It affects approximately half the world’s population, including millions of women in Australia. Despite its significance, medical practitioners in our country lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to address menopause adequately.

The urgent need for comprehensive menopause education for GPs stems from several critical reasons:

Under Diagnosis: Many women’s menopause symptoms often go undiagnosed due to the lack of proper education, resulting in unnecessary suffering and delays in appropriate treatment.

Quality of Patient Care: Peri/Menopause-related symptoms can be distressing and significantly impact a woman’s overall well-being. Enhancing doctors’ knowledge of menopause can lead to better patient care and and improved quality of life for millions of women.

Mental Health Impact: Peri/Menopause is associated with hormonal fluctuations that can trigger mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Proper education would enable doctors to recognise and address these mental health aspects effectively.

Menopause Hormonal Therapy (MHT) Benefits: Controversies surrounding Menopause Hormonal Therapy (MHT) have left many doctors uncertain about its benefits and risks. An education program can equip them with evidence-based knowledge to make informed decisions and provide suitable patient options.

Health Equity: Comprehensive menopause education will benefit all women, including those who are vulnerable, live with a disability, have diverse backgrounds, and live in remote regions.

Through the petition, the “Peri Pausers” have taken their concerns to Hon. Mark Butler MP, urging him to take the lead in implementing a nationwide menopause education program.

Immediate action is necessary to raise awareness about menopause, improve healthcare quality, remove the stigma surrounding it, and demonstrate our commitment to women’s health and well-being.



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Key Facts:

● 80 % of Australian women experience peri/menopuase symptoms that can range from mild to extremely severe .[^1]

● Around age 45, depression, anxiety and/or brain fog are often the first indicators of perimenopause.[^2]

● Menopause costs women more than $17 billion per year in lost earnings and superannuation [^3]

● Surprisingly, menopause is not among the top 15 conditions most frequently managed by GPs. [^4]

● GPs and specialists often lack the skills and confidence in managing menopause, leading to recommendations of unproven and mostly ineffective complementary and alternative medicines before considering Menopause Hormonal Therapy (MHT) or effective non-hormonal therapies. [^5]

About us:

About The “Peri Pausers”

The “Peri Pausers” is a group of empathetic women who have experienced their own menopause journey and seek to ease the path for others navigating this phase of life.

Note for Editors:


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