Vets for Climate Action welcomes NSW climate plan, calls for swift action to protect animals

Vets for Climate Action

New South Wales is the first state to have an Environment Protection Agency that can regulate greenhouse gas emissions under a plan announced today.

The NSW EPA developed the plan after Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action won a landmark case in the Land and Environment Court more than 12 months ago.

Vets for Climate Action CEO Tara O’Connell said “while we certainly welcome the plan to control emissions and protect animals in NSW, we again call on the EPA to use its full powers to reduce industry emissions prior to 2025.”

“We are seeing the impacts of climate change now. The devastating impacts to wildlife and livestock as a result of the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters like floods are not only impacting our animals, but also our farmers, our tourism industry and the broader economy. We simply cannot afford to wait.”

Ms O’Connell said she hoped environmental regulators in other states would follow NSW in addressing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We need to protect all Australian wildlife, livestock and companion animals from the effects of our changing climate now, while there’s still time.”

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Vets for Climate Action represents concerned veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and industry partners across Australia who want strong climate policies.

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