Vital Planned Burn Undertaken In West

Member News imagePlanned burn underway

Six CFA brigades from the west of the state have undertaken a vital planned burn around the townships of Cape Clear, Rokewood Junction and Mannibadar. 

Members completed a 20km planned burn along the Rokewood-Skipton Rd last weekend.

West Region Vegetation Management Officer Kay Richardson said the burn brought together 30 volunteers from the Grenville Group and an additional five members from the Planned Burn Taskforce.

“This road has been identified in the landscape as a long, linear break to help impede the run of fire, and provide an opportunity to assist crews in suppressing any unplanned fire,” she said.

Kay said Rokewood-Skipton Rd also supports isolated pockets of valuable native grassland.

“Planned burning helps these grasslands by reducing biomass to increase condition, resilience, and diversity of native species along the roadside,” she said.

“The burn went better than expected, especially given the area had received up to 50mm of rain in the days leading up to it.

“By the end of the day, volunteers had treated over 20 kms of roadside, on both sides, successfully reducing grassy fuels and have helped invigorate areas of native grassland that had not been burnt for several years.”

Brigades involved included Smythesdale, Linton, Cape Clear, Mannibadar, Rokewood Junction and Wallinduc.

The Rokewood-Skipton Road is a strategic fire break that is treated by brigades on behalf of the Department of Transport and Planning.

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