Water service interruption for North Cumbalum: Ballina Shire

Water service interruption for North Cumbalum

Northern parts of Cumbalum will experience a disruption to their water service on Friday 24 September, between 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Water pressure will be reduced to properties located on and north of Unara Parkway. Elevated properties within this area should also expect a complete water outage. This disruption will affect residents’ drinking and recycled water.

Council makes every effort to minimise water disruptions to our community. However, this temporary disruption is due to a scheduled Essential Energy power outage, which will impact Council’s local water pumpstations.

Here’s some things to remember that will assist you during this outage:

• During any water disruption it’s important to leave your taps off as the water may return at any time.

• When water returns it may be discoloured. This is due to sediment. Please run the tap until your water runs clear.

• Your water may appear milky. This is caused by small air bubbles. Don’t be alarmed it is not harmful, and will settle in a short period.

If you have any enquiries in regard to this matter please contact council’s Water and Wastewater Section on 1300 864 444.

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