White Paper: Best practices for data centre security and efficiency

Boon Edam Australia

March 20 is International Data Centre Day, which highlights the importance of these facilities in storing and managing data on a global scale.

According to the latest estimates, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day. And with the proliferation of cloud technology, all that data needs to be stored safely and securely. This is where data centres come in.

“But anywhere that stores valuable data is also at risk of attacks, either by terrorists or criminals, so it’s vital that only authorised personnel can enter data facilities,” says Boon Edam Australia Managing Director, Michael Fisher.

Boon Edam Australia is part of the family-owned Royal Boon Edam Group, a global leader in security entrances and revolving doors with 150 years of experience, and installations in 27 countries.

To celebrate International Data Centre Day, Boon Edam has released a new white paper, “Best Practices for Data Centre Security and Efficiency,” which outlines method of keeping these facilities safe from unauthorised personnel.

The white paper covers key areas of data centre security, including:

  • Understanding the strategic application of secured entry solutions to protect data, maintain compliance, and improve operational efficiency
  • Understanding the various types and entry process for data centre security entrances
  • Applying a layered approach to security for data centres
  • How physical security is cybersecurity, and should be a part of any cybersecurity plan

The importance of data centres

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