24 Hour Walk Off Sunday for Speed Camera Operators

Community and Public Sector Union - Victoria

Serco Snub Fair Work Solution

Two Hundred (200) mobile road safety camera operators will walk off for 24 hours on Sunday to protest Serco’s failure to resolve the safety and pay concerns in this long running dispute.

Serco has snubbed the solutions put forward by Fair Work despite requesting Fair Work assistance to help in finding a settlement.

CPSU received a revised wage offer, as suggested by the Fair Work Commission to Serco Asia pacific Pty Ltd , which turned out to be the same amount overall, just re-mixed.

The new offer does not include weekend penalties and just shifts money forward from the total amount already offered in years two (2) and three (3) which was previously rejected overwhelmingly by operators.

Serco also declined the Fair Work Commission’s suggestion to include performance in the dispute settlement clause.

CPSU asserts both performance and misconduct should be included in the disputes clause within the Agreement to ensure procedural fairness and natural justice.

Serco wants to be judge, jury, and executioner leaving employees vulnerable without an independent umpire for transparent resolution of their grievances.

Serco still remains silent on operator suggestions for safety improvements while at work.

Serco is just thumbing their nose at the State Government, the industrial umpire, and its own workforce, as it refuses to move on any key matters.

In light of this employer intransigence, it is crucial that the Serco workforce maintain pressure and continue the fight for fair wages and safer work conditions.

More stoppages are planned.

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