3 Tips to Finding Love in Lockdown by Leading Dating Coach

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Single Australians have experienced loneliness at a whole new level in lockdowns and are feeling hopeless in the struggle to find love in 2021.

“There are 3 ways you can take advantage of dating during any lockdown!” says Melbourne dating coach, Andrew Gung.

● While being confined to our homes for what feels like an endless lockdown, single men and women are really feeling the squeeze with their dating life coming to a complete stop. So many of us are feeling disheartened as the nightlife in our cities has all but faded away and may not return for months. Meanwhile, our social confidence continues to dwindle away from so many weeks of having so few interactions with the outside world.

● Melbourne and Sydney dating coach, Andrew Gung says, “Lockdowns are one of the busiest times for us to be coaching clients, as their typical Friday and Saturday nights hitting local pubs and clubs have all of a sudden been stripped away.”

● There are 3 ways Andrew teaches his single Aussie clients to leverage dating during a lockdown:

1. Dating app usage always spikes during lockdowns! While Aussie singles aren’t eating out and bar hopping through the city, they’re resorting to connect with other singles on dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder.

2. Daily walks around parks. Isolation has a lot of people craving human interaction. Next time you see a beautiful woman or a handsome man walking their dog through the park, go and say “Hi.” You’ll be surprised at the positive responses you’ll get! Be sure to abide by your state’s COVID laws such as the 1.5-meter social distancing measures when you’re talking to a complete stranger.

3. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great for reconnecting with that crush you haven’t spoken to in ages. Lockdowns can be a perfect time to reach out, especially with so many single people working from home and looking for companionship. You may even find that the people you reach out to will respond to you faster than they would outside of a lockdown!

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