5 boredom busters you can do with your pets while stuck at home

Are you finding it hard to keep your pet (and you) entertained during isolation?

We know that during this time it can be tricky to find the right balance between keeping both you and your fur babies entertained.

But now that we’re practicing social isolation and have more time with our pets, it’s time to get creative.

Here are five activities we’ve come up with that you and your furry friend can do together from the comfort of your own home – increasing your bond and keeping both of you occupied.

1. Teach your pet a new trick

Admittedly, teaching your fur baby a new trick can be quite… tricky. But with time on your side during isolation, you’ll be able to teach your pets all new ways of sitting, dancing and better yet, singing (jokes, but you get the idea).

Luckily enough, our animal care specialists have shared more than enough tricks for you to teach your pets on our YouTube page. Oh and they’re free too!

To learn how to teach your dog how to sit and drop, check out our free lesson below. You can also sign up to our Dog Training Coordinator, Heather Bradley’s free online video series to learn five more tricks to teach your pooch.

For those of you with feline friends, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten you. You can find our best tips for tricks to teach your kitty over here.

2. Have a virtual party with you and your fur-iends

Is your furry loved one missing their best fur-iends? We know that isolation puts a downer on being able to visit your family and friends, so your furry loved ones may be feeling the same.

In order to cheer both yourself and your pet up, jump online and organise a Zoom party with your friends and their animal companions! Zoom is a safe and free webinar platform where you can organise a meeting with all your friends.

To make it more interesting, organise a fashion parade with you and your pet friends, and have a competition (You can find doggy coats fit for the occasion at our PetVille store). Whoever wins is an allowed an extra treat before bed!

3. Play dress ups

If your pet is a bit more self-conscious, perhaps they don’t want to parade their new fashion online for all their fur-iends to see. But that doesn’t mean they can’t show off their warm coat to their favourite human (you) in their own backyard.

Have an old T-Shirt you no longer wear? Make it into a pet coat for your animal and play dress ups. It’s always fun seeing matching pet clothes, so now you have the time to do it!

If making clothes isn’t your forte, our friends at Solo N Co have created a gorgeous range of doggy bandanas, badges and even bow ties for your furry friend. Created by proud fur mum Abby for her former RSPCA South Australia pup Soloman, the collection will have your hound sporting the hottest and most comfortable fashions.

And what about cats, we hear you ask?

We know they don’t like dress ups, so we’re ruling that one out. Felines of South Australia – you’re welcome.

4. Have a pet yoga session

It’s no question that your pet can’t stand the thought of you being away for more than five minutes… especially now that you’re home 24/7.

You may also be missing not being able to exercise as much as you would like to, so why don’t you plan for a zen sesh with your fur babies?

All you’ll need is a yoga mat (a towel or a carpeted room will even suffice).

You can start off with crossing your legs and stretching your arms above your head. Within seconds, your furry loved ones are sure to start to show interest.

Stand up, and then bend over to touch your toes. If this excites your furry one and they join in, woohoo! If not – tough crowd. But at least you tried to involve them, right?

Regardless, a lot of our animal companions find entertainment in watching their humans do funny stretches from afar. See? Relaxing for you and them.

5. Play hide-n-seek

Playing hide-n-seek is always fun. Now we can put the tricks you may have learnt from our online dog training series to the test and see if our furry loved ones have learnt!

Quickly call your pet’s name and hide in the nearest spot, then count how long it takes them to find you.

Spoiler: there’s a good chance this one could fail miserably. If your pet hasn’t managed to find you after five minutes… perhaps it’s time to concede that hide-n-seek isn’t their forte.

As for cats? We mean, you can try. But that’s up to you.

Now here’s a cat who’s good at hide and seek…

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