ABCC wielding extraordinary powers to pursue SA workers


The Morrison Government’s construction industry attack dog, the ABCC, is wielding its extraordinary powers to go after Adelaide construction workers, threatening them with massive fines and the threat of jail if they do not comply.

“The ABCC is a failed regulator out of step with community standards and completely unfit for purpose,” said Andrew Sutherland, CFMEU SA Construction Secretary.

“It wields its enormous coercive and investigatory powers to go after rank-and-file construction workers over the most trivial matters and imposes enormous fines that threaten people’s homes.”

“The ABCC uses its extraordinary coercive interrogation powers on rank-and-file construction workers who face the threat of six months in jail if they do not answer its questions.”

“At the same it ignores the wage theft, sham contracting, and widespread illegal practices committed by employers in the construction industry.”

“South Australians would be right to ask why construction workers face greater scrutiny and investigation than the politicians who run the country and the state.”

“The Morrison Government has continually reneged on its election promise by refusing to introduce a national corruption commission, and last week the Marshall Government passed laws retracting the powers of the South Australian ICAC.”

“Why is there one rule for the Morrison and Marshall governments and their cronies, and another for everybody else?”

/Public Release.