Aboriginal Community Invited to Local Community Consultation to Discuss Government Accountability for Closing the Gap


The NSW Coalition of Peak Organisations (CAPO) is calling on the local Aboriginal community to join them in workshops around NSW throughout February and March to design a mechanism that will hold the NSW Government accountable for the promises made under the Closing the Gap agreement.

These consultations are a crucial step in ensuring the voices of Aboriginal communities are heard and respected in shaping the future of government services.

The Closing the Gap agreement, signed by all Australian Governments in 2020, represents a historic commitment to working in partnership with Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to address disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians across various sectors such as health, education, justice, families, housing, culture, digital inclusion, land and water.

NSW CAPO is a collective of NSW peak bodies for ACCOs working to provide a strong, independent and united voice to address issues affecting Aboriginal people living in NSW.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to fulfill this commitment, NSW CAPO is spearheading the design of an organisation that will enable Aboriginal people in NSW to hold the government accountable for the promises made in the Closing the Gap agreement,” explained Mas Banu, Senior Engagement Officer for NSW CAPO.

“This organisation could take various forms, such as the reform and/or expansion of an existing body, the establishment of a new organisation, or the appointment or election of a leader(s) like a Commissioner,” he continued.

NSW CAPO is committed to engaging with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and the engagement process will be targeted and meaningful, ensuring that Aboriginal voices are central to the design.

“In 2023, we visited communities to start designing an accountability organisation, now we want to yarn with Aboriginal people to ask for feedback on the draft functions and features of the organisation we’ve designed.

“Key questions for community input will include, are the draft functions accurate, which are most important, what should they look like in practice, and are any crucial elements missing?” added Mr Banu.

NSW CAPO encourages all interested individuals and organisations to participate in this consultation to ensure that the accountability organisation reflects the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal communities in NSW.

“Together, we can work towards a future where Aboriginal voices are heard, respected and empowered in shaping government policies and services,” he concluded.

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