Action on sexual violence still on hold

Sexual Assault Services Victoria

The peak body for specialist sexual assault and harmful sexual behaviour services is disappointed that today’s budget does not deliver the urgent change needed on sexual violence.

We asked the government for an initial investment of $9 million to deliver:

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No funding for the overdue sexual violence strategy

Kathleen Maltzahn, SASVic CEO, says, “Sexual assault survivors have every right to expect more. The status quo isn’t good enough.”

The Victorian Government continues to delay its sexual violence strategy, recommended by the Victorian Law Reform Commission and promised to be delivered by the government in 2022.

No funding to fix the broken justice system for victim survivors

SASVic has been calling for broad justice and legal reform, including Justice Navigators. These roles will support survivors to navigate their support, recovery, compensation and justice options and would make a huge difference to survivors’ experience of our complex and punitive justice system.

“We’re very disappointed that there’s nothing in this budget to fix our broken justice system” continues Kathleen Maltzahn.

No new funding for the specialist sexual assault sector

It is unclear whether there have been cuts to the peak and sector at this point – “certainly we have not seen the increase in core funding needed by our members just to keep up with growing demand,” Kathleen Maltzahn says.

Next steps – new package

Premier Allan has now promised a new package on women’s safety and we look forward to working with the government to ensure it includes real action on sexual violence.

“This is the government’s chance to show it has it has heard the public outcry for action and is aware of the reform needed on sexual violence.”

“We were heartened to have met with the Premier on Friday afternoon, alongside our family violence colleagues, and will make concrete suggestions for sexual violence actions to include in the new package. We’ll be watching closely to ensure that sexual violence is properly addressed”, Kathleen Maltzahn says.

We’re continuing to call on the government to deliver a sexual violence strategy, legal and justice reform and secure funding for the sexual assault sector and peak.

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