Caroline Ran Receives Research Grant in Migraine Studies

Caroline Ran is one of three researchers awarded Pfizer’s and the Swedish Headache Society’s newly established research grant in migraine studies. Her research focuses on the correlation between migraine and mental health. The grant will be presented at the SHS annual meeting in Halmstad on 15 May 15 2024.

Portrait of Caroline Ran taken outside a sunny day.

Caroline Ran.
Photo: Katrin Wellfelt

Caroline Ran, Research Specialist at the Center for Cluster Headache and the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, is one of three researchers who will share a grant of 200,000 SEK for a new project that aims to investigate comorbidity and mental health aspects in migraine patients.

“It’s really great that Pfizer and the Swedish Headache Society want to support the research so that we can get started and work on the project,” says Caroline Ran.

Through previous research, the researchers have been able to see that long-term sick leave is more common among headache patients with multimorbidity.

“Since migraine and headache patients are relatively heterogeneous groups, we need to gain better knowledge about risk factors for multimorbidity and high disease burden to get a comprehensive understanding of patients in the risk group and be able to offer better treatment in the future,” Caroline Ran explains.

Pfizer and the Swedish Headache Society’s newly established research grant aims to promote research that directly benefits migraine patients in Sweden. Between one and three researchers can be awarded the grant and the total sum of SEK 200,000 is awarded to the selected projects.

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