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Caroline Ran Receives Research Grant in Migraine Studies
Social media can increase anxiety in girls through impaired self-esteem
KI strengthens collaboration with pharmaceutical company Chiesi
Implementation Of Case Management System
Symposium: “Astrocytes in Brain Function and Disease” June, 10-11
SFO-V funds promising researchers in Health Care Science
Attacks On Healthcare In War Must Not Become New Norm
New technology changes how proteins in individual cells are studied
SEK 6.5 Million For KI Research On Rheumatic Diseases
Elena Rafetti explores the impact of climate extremes on population health
KI Management Visit NVS
KI part of NextGen for personalised cardiovascular medicine
A new international consortium set to advance AI & multimodal data intgration in personalised cardiovascular medicine
Teachers from LIME in successful course on professional development
Six Projects Receive StratNeuro Start-up Grants
StratNeuro Start-up Grant
Loneliness Common Among Older Informal Caregivers
AstraZeneca to partner with KI and Karolinska University Hospital in precision medicine
Leprosy drug may be effective in Huntington’s disease, study suggests
Early Genetic Development Of Brain Mapped
New Drug Candidate Reverses Obesity In Mice
Varying performance between different mechanical cardiac valves
Tissue And Motion Conference 2024
Advanced cell atlas opens new doors in biomedical research
Ageing In Transforming World
Cloud based personal health record with AI – is it safe?
Prevention towards unwanted side effects of cancer treatment in children
New insights into the molecular mechanisms behind the action of secretagogin
Life-long Effects Of Neuropeptides In Brain
Unraveling the neural circuit behind reduced feeding in high temperatures
Patient-centred Karolinska CCC Day
KI researcher Roman Zubarev awarded The Berzelius Medal in Gold
MSCA Doctoral Networks project grant to Davide Liborio Vetrano
General physicians practise handling mass casualty events
Sex differences don’t disappear as a country’s equality develops – sometimes they become stronger
The Government decides that KI may return remains to Finland
Grand Opening Of Cell Where Art Meets Life Science
Digital cognitive therapy can help treat obsessive taboo thoughts
KI-SMMS – New resource at KI provides custom analyses of small molecules
KI-SMMS – A new resource at KI and Region Stockholm to provide custom analyses of small molecules
New insights in the mechanisms of bacterial brain invasion during meningitis
Gunnar Bjursell awarded for his research on the importance of culture
What Is On-site Training Like?
Course In Trauma And Disaster Aims At Going National
Support For New Fathers Produces Results
Three KI Researchers Awarded Prestigious ERC Grant
Cancer Research KI network support translational collaboration in molecular mechanisms at Schulte lab
International EU Project Meeting At IMM